From the 2nd book, Louis threatens Erish



Louis threatens Erish at the Hypatian Abbey

Pérotin bowed to the audience of Louis’ courtiers and priests, his face unusually pale.

The King walked towards him, taking his hand. Looking down, he offered, “Man, get yourself to bed. Your fevers are raging again.”

The audience, busily consuming venison and wine, banged fists against table tops politely. Erish turned to look at her lover, just as he disappeared behind a door.

Louis standing close to her, took her hand once again, “The Queen of Heaven has blessed me.” He looked at her wickedly, “I have you to myself this evening.”

She looked again towards the Spaniards and saw them standing. The Kings guards stood talking with them. Amun showed them an object he retrieved from under his vest. The hybrid priest stood with them.

“Let us go visit our new guests,” Louis said, placing her hand on his forearm.

“Welcome,” he offered to Amun and Ptah. “You managed to navigate our flooded river?”

Amun stepped forward and bowed deeply. Père Corbus moved close to Louis.

“Your majesty,” the priest offered, “I present Omarr de Grenada. His most Christian family fled the savagery of Saracen occupation. He is arrived to study with our Pérotin.”

Erish tried not to smile. Looking at Amun furtively, she didn’t want to give away the fact they were acquainted. “When did you arrive?” she asked, surprising the King with her boldness.

“My Lady,” Amun began. “We arrived in these lands seven days ago, the floods have made it necessary to leave belongings with servants east of the city,” he responded, giving her a knowing look.

She understood, he was telling her their space ship was not in the city.

He looked back into her face and sent her a telepathic message, How long have you been here?

She looked into their eyes briefly, then back into Louis’ face, sending a telepathic response, 300 years, but in Paris, 80. Potacas hybrids are everywhere, too many to control or destroy.

“I am afraid you will be here on the Montagne for weeks. The Cloisters are inundated,” the King responded.

Amun sent her another message, The timeline has changed.

I am not surprised, she responded. The hybrids, I am afraid they may all be my descendants. She cast her eyes onto the stone floor.

Père Corbus turned towards Louis, “They will stay at the Priory, until waters have subsided.”

“Come, join me at my table, Abbesse,” Louis said to her.

She looked into his face, trying to hide her distrust. “I must check on Pérotin, my Lord. As you saw, he is unwell.”

“Surely, one of the initiates can minister to him,” Louis asserted.

Amun sent her another message, Are you safe here?

I have a plan, she responded. But, you will have to get a message to the Elders.

I will give you a communications device and weapons, Ptah responded telepathically.

She saw he carried a small pack at his waist.

Erish turned to a young nun walking nearby, “Sister Aubine?”

The woman turned to her.

“Please take refreshment to Pérotin. Alert us if he worsens,” she said.

Turning to Ptah, she sent a message, Give a cloth pack containing devices to that young woman. She serves me and will not raise suspicions.

Louis turned, escorting Erish to a table near the fire.

She sat still, looking straight ahead as initiates served her and the King. She longed for this day. They found her. She had so many questions. What happened with the war? Was anyone else abducted? Which time period did Amun and Ptah come from? How did they find her? Not wanting to raise suspicions, she would wait. She must not appear distracted.

“Who are they?” Louis asked.

Looking back at him slowly, “Who, my Lord?” she responded.

“Don’t play games,” he whispered, suddenly angry. “Who are they?”

“I believe de Grenada indicates they are from Southern Iberia,” she turned to face him.

He grabbed her hand roughly, intending to cause pain, “You will tell me how you know them, and you will join me in my bed this night, woman.” He paused, then continued, “I have waited long enough.”

As Tayamni women are stronger than human men, she deftly moved her fingers to a position around his, bending them back sharply. Her expression remained serene. With her other hand, she took a piece of bread offered by an initiate.

Louis grunted, trying not to show pain. He looked at her with fear and anger.

“My beloved, King,” she began sweetly, smiling modestly as she tightened the vice grip hold on his fingers. “As you can see, the Queen of Heaven has given me strengths and insights you do not understand.”

She calmly reached for her goblet, and continued, “I will never join you in any bed. And you will never threaten me again, unless you wish to lose your throne to an ambitious Baron.” She reached to his forearm and caressed him tenderly with her other hand. “Do I make myself clear?”

He grunted again, beads of perspiration on his forehead, “Yes, my Lady, you are clear.”  

She released the grip slowly. “Just a little more and I would have broken the fingers on your sword bearing hand. Keep that in mind.”

He breathed a sigh of relief, looking at his hand.

“I suggest,” she began, “you accept the Spaniards’ explanations, and do not bother with them again.”

She heard Amun’s voice in her head. Will you return with us?

She looked again into Louis’ face, assuming the modesty she displayed all evening.

I must stay here for a time. I have work to do, she responded to Amun telepathically. Beware of the King and his guards. They are suspicious. Wear shields.

Amun looked at Ptah, grateful he brought weapons.

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