*Halloween In Ozark*



Comedy about a small town on Halloween. This scene takes place in high school, where Roger sees the girl he likes and a vacant seat next to her.


ROGER walks in and sees BRITTANY (16, beautiful) talking to a girl seated in front of her.

ROGER notices an empty seat next to BRITTANY and pauses a moment before making his way to the empty desk.

BRITTANY continues to talk with the girl in front, but briefly locks eyes with ROGER walking to the seat.

ROGER looks at BRITTANY as he approaches, seeing her briefly make eye contact and smile.

A GIRL (unpopular, nice) looks for a seat from the back of the room and spots the one next to BRITTANY.

ROGER panics but tries to play it cool.

The GIRL makes eye contact with ROGER and smiles, but more out of courtesy and is completely unaware of ROGER’s intentions.

ROGER finally gets to the front of the row and picks up the pace a little, passing an empty seat on his way.

BRITTANY again makes eye contact with ROGER.

ROGER is within a few steps and tries to conceal excitement.

The GIRL is a step closer to the seat and innocently smiles at ROGER, perhaps even expecting ROGER to say hi to her.

ROGER looks over at BRITTANY who is back to her conversation with her friend.

The GIRL takes her backpack off and looks at ROGER approaching.

ROGER takes one last large step and crams into the seat without removing his own backpack.

BRITTANY looks over from all the commotion and smiles at ROGER politely.

The GIRL stands there a moment taking in the situation and walks up the row to another seat.

ROGER feels awkward but smiles at BRITTANY.

BRITTANY picks the corner of her notebook in silence, trying to pretend she didn’t just see what happened.

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