Two — A dream of duality



I dreamt of dark moons and surreal barren landscapes.  A world full of dark shadows and billowing thick mist.    Grey smoke and thunderstorms, raged all around me.  Tempestuous maelstroms of unshackled swirling emoti...

I dreamt of dark moons and surreal barren landscapes. 

A world full of dark shadows and billowing thick mist.


 Grey smoke and thunderstorms, raged all around me. 

Tempestuous maelstroms of unshackled swirling emotions swept past in a blustering whirlwind. 

And then it approached, out of the swirling smoke. 

A tall darkly cloaked figure clad in dark cloths of unknown origins. 

A faceless misanthropy of otherworldly misshapen proportions... 


 Then it spoke as it pointed with a long bony elongated hand, which quickly appeared from within the voluminous folds of it's dark ominous cloak.

"I am it, which follows always. 

He, who's ever watchful. 

It, which directs and influences."

I shivered inwardly. 

Wearing goose pimples like a second skin, I looked on as I couldn't seemingly speak and my body was suddenly frozen. 

Another figure suddenly appeared, materialising next to the abomination before me.

A female figure, clad in a glistening white and golden bejewelled gown of bellowing beauty. 


 Her long beautiful golden hair floating effortlessly in the swirling angry winds as flowers fell around her.

Her serene face glowing with an ethereal heavenly light.

Her eyes of ever-changing colours held mine firmly. 

Her delicate hands outstretched, seemed inviting. 

And then she spoke with a soft delicate reverence. 

"We are the choices you choose in this life — him and me."

She pointed at the misanthrope who menacing smiled as he showed his gnarled ugly features, and made a slight crooked bow.

"We are the invisible yes's and no's who whisper perpetually into the gateways to the soul.

The answers and choices you make are yours and yours alone, but we always try to steer your ship in our direction, as it slowly sails back home.

The Dark One represents the negative choices you could make and the ensuing drama it curtails, 

(As I glanced at the misanthrope, his smile elongated like a predator watching it's prey) 

and I am the Light of the Above if you choose wisely."


 She smiled: a warm and a refreshing glow rose steadily within my beating heart. 

Still frozen and unable to talk, I looked on.

The Dark one sneered and retreated back onto the mists but not before stating with a rather seductive soft enticing voice, 

"I will be back mark my words! 

I always follow."

The shimmering beauty before me beckoned me closer. 

As she spoke, her eloquence seemed to slowly calm the raging storms, serenity seemed to be conquering it's violent swirling winds.

"What we attract in this life is simply defined by our choices. 

You can welcome all I offer such as peace, tranquillity and many more, or settle for the Dark One and his many emotional soul draining servants."

With a gentle kiss upon my still body, she willingly surrendered herself to the slowly swirling winds, and with a longing look, she too disappeared as she was swept away within its swirling embrace. 

I awoke instantly now able to move, a cold sweat enveloping my being. 

This I write now at three am. 

A visitation it seems.

I now know why when wrong choices are made, and the ensuing emotions are dominated by fear and doubts, depression and deep-seated regrets — we have unconsciously chosen to let the Dark One in.

Choose wisely, go for the Light of the Above instead, as she so eloquently stated, deep down she's always whispering the right choices.

We just have to listen more patiently.

Don't rush in for that is the Dark One enticing us.

Leading us on his merry dance.


 Heed her call. 

Before she left, she also paused and whispered as she approached for a gentle comforting kiss to my forehead. 

"Even though one may have made a wrong decision, by accepting it and trying to change, I am always there to try to help you find your way back into the Light. Never forget."

And with her twinkling ever-changing brightly lit eyes watching me — she was gone into the folds of time and space. 



 Back into the places in-between, always there, constantly trying to guide us back to the Light, away from the darkness which also watches us.

Choices — a duality of yes or no.

Pick wisely!

Visitations Feb 9 2017 


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