To The Red Line II (Chapter 0: Prologue)



A kidnapping. A long-time grudge. How far are you willing to go for the ones you loved?

Months have passed after the successful mission to end the raging war and the defeat of the late Spirit Queen, in bless. The peace that is broken however, by a series of strange things that occur and a shocking appearance of ‘The Orders’ — a converted group of assassins that had once served under direct orders from the Spirit Royal Family, before they were accused for treason and since then, banished from the Spirit Kingdom for a lifetime.

Now that the war is over, The Orders have one thing in their minds — to seek revenge upon those who had betrayed them in the past, including the lives of the two living members of the Spirit Royal family, as well as their close associates.



THE Spirit World consisted of three major ethic groups; the Spirits, the Dragoon, and the Witches. The Spirits being the largest ethnic race, the Dragoons was the second largest ethnic and the Witches were the smallest of the main three race.


The Spirit World is ruled by the Spirit Royal Family because of their great status and powerful strength. They formed a glorious kingdom with a belief that the females who are born into Royal family, shall bring great prosperities and fortunes to the Spirit’s World. The other two races, the Dragoons and the Witches acknowledged this and swore their loyalties to the Spirit Royal family as their subjects.


For years, The Spirits Royal Family governed their lands and neighbours wisely and peacefully.


While the Spirits possess great wealth, and powerful strength, The Dragoons are known for their speed and beauty; both male and females. Using their beauty as advantages, they became spies for the Spirit Royal Family to gather information from the enemies. In battle, they use nature elemental powers known as the ‘Eres’.


The years that went by as the Royal Family ruled the Spirit World like mighty Kings were known as ‘The Golden Reign’. It was said to be the most glorious years that has ever written in the Spirit’s History. With the births of female Spirits into the Royal Family increasing rapidly by years, the long- awaiting promised prosperity and great fortunes rose like the rising sun.


However, on the year that marked their tenth glorious years, during the previous Ruler reign before King Ferid, King Furgeson, the Spirit Royal Family was ultimately betrayed by one of their most loyal subject — the Dragoons, by feeding off their enemies with valuable information.


Raged and hurt for the betrayal, King Furgeson gave out orders to capture and slain all of the Dragoons. As the result, most of the Dragoons were massacred, and their villagers burnt down. Only few of them were lucky enough to be captured alive. After being beaten up severely, they were sent to the farthest dead lands where they left to die.


The survivors of the Dragoons, angered by the sudden accusation of their betrayal and the great loss of their race, swore to see revenge for their beloved ones one day.


Since then, no words about their existence ever come out.


Some said they have died from the deep wounds and lack of blood they had suffered before being cast away to the dead lands to die.




“SO, the time has finally come.”


A tall figured stood outside of a cavern, located at the high Rocky Mountains, watching as the sunset slowly arise.


Another figure approached him.


“You’re up early this morning.” said a soft-spoken male voice. Sporting in an Eastern-Style black and yellow robe with a sleeveless top, Sage shivered from the lack of clothes and the cold wind that morning.


“Sage. Is everything ready and set to go for today?”


“Yes, yes. Everything is all set to go. I do wonder though, about the other two we’d left behind… Are you sure it is okay to do that?”


Smirking at the question, Tal answered, “Do you trust me, Sage?”


“Of course. I, Sage, Captain of the Fifth Division, shall follow you anywhere until the end of time.”


“Then trust me when I say it is for the best for the Orders. Sometimes, you need sacrifices in order to accomplish your goals. And as we all know, our goal comes first above anything else. Isn’t that right?”


“Yes.” Sage nodded.


“Tell the others to gather at the Head Quarter in an hour. I need to make a final brief before we depart.”


“As you wish, Tal.” Sage lowered his head in a bow, while keeping his eyes on the man who turned his body to face him.


Tal suddenly gripped the latter’s left wrist and held it tightly. He leaned forward and whispered sharply.


“Never betray me, Sage. Unless you do not fear the painful consequences that follows.”


“I would never dreamt of doing anything that’s against your wills, Tal.”


“Good.” Tal released his grip on the man, and entered to the cavern.


Sage watched him leaving, before sighing softly. Looking at the bright sun now above him, his right hand gently rubbed his other wrist, where there was an obvious hand-print which Tal had held on tightly earlier.


Today, marked the day where we can finally be together as one again after years of separation. The long unsettled grieves will ends here and now. Everyone has changed so much over the yearsAmongst us all, Tal is the one who changed the most.


Sage looked ahead at the scenery before him, nothing but rocky mountains and deserted valley.


I’d often asked myself, if any of these is worth it in the end? I knew for a fact that for Tal, it is above everything that he believes in — his thirst for revenge is greater than anything else in the world. Yet, I do wonder sometimes, what future lies ahead for the rest of us once everything is over?


A bitter-sweet smile appeared on his lips.


Inhaled deeply, Sage turned his back facing the sun, and made his way into the cavern to inform the others of their upcoming meeting.


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