From the 1st book, the Epilogue, Orkin Man



The Epilogue: Orkin Man, Jerry goes over communications from Batresh

Jerry sat in Batresh’s Thunderbird. Now, it belonged to him. He was parked on the east side of Court House Square. Two days earlier, he passed in front of the little house where Denny lived with his parents, and found an Orkin Pest Control truck parked in the drive way. Now, he sat in his car, looking at the papers concerning his own employment there. He planned to get to know Eddie, Denny’s father, as a co-worker. He wanted to become a friend to that little family. It was a cool, rainy December day. The top of the car was closed, the windows rolled up. 

Like most Tayamni at this time, he wore a wrist watch that functioned as a communications device. He sat there, looking at a display hovering over his wrist, watching the image of the woman he loved. She was no longer blonde. Her hair was thick, black and curly, her skin was darker. She seemed to be of mixed race. He received all her messages at once, not scattered out across 15 years. He received them all, only two weeks after she left.

She showed him the interior of the palace where she lived with Amun. She spoke to the recording device as she rode in a sail boat across the river to the temple complex. He realized he was looking at actual footage of events and people from 5,000 years ago. He saw views of an ancient city, now lost to history, farmers planting crops in mud, some naked, others wearing loincloths. 

She showed him images of Amun sleeping.

She recorded a ritual to Bastet.

She ended every message with “I love you.” This was the tenth time he had watched every message in sequence.

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