Betrayed and Helpless



Blue Rose The Life Of Caleigh Blue Chapter Six Betrayed and Helpless Part One

    Mama left for work early in the day, and told us to be good. Even though we were kids, we knew to take head to what she said. As me and Wayne played tag in the kitchen, Dee is further back, toward the bedrooms in the hallway. A few minutes later, we hear him scream as if he were in pain.  Me and Wayne rushed to the back to find Dee closed his fingers in the door. Dean approaches behind us, and screams to the top of his lungs "what the fuck did you do to my baby?" I told him "he closed his fingers in the door." This lunatic wasn't trying to hear anything I was saying. Dean begins to say "you closed his fingers in the door! Why are you lying? I'm going to beat the shit out of both of you." My brother Wayne just stood there quietly, because he knew, it would do no good. There was no getting out of this one. Dean tells us "get your asses in the room. Scared and frightened, that's exactly what we did. He followed behind us with his bestfriend in hand "The Bullet Belt." My brother Wayne goes first, and just watching him get beat and hit wherever this belt landed, looked more like the skin were getting beat right off of him. Once Dean was done with Wayne, I was up next, and it felt as if I were being skinned alive, with that eveil sidekick of his as he chanted. "I will teach you about hurting my son." After minutes of crying, it was finally over. At least that's what I thought when Dean says "now go sit your asses down." We both walk toward the room-door, and that's when I hear him say "no, not you. Wayne you go, but you stay here" as he looks dead in my eyes. I had never been so scared in my life. It became hard for me to swallow, and I began to shake on the inside. He demanded "close the door." I do as I was told, but he wasn't done having his fun with me yet, because he whooped on me even more, then made me sit on the bed. I sat there crying and staring at him, because I now knew what it felt like to hate someone at the age of eight. Dean tells me "I will teach you a lesson today." My first thought was he'd graduated from beating me with belts, and now it would be punches in the face, but that's when he unzipped his pants, and what I saw ran chills down my spine, the worst kind of chill. He demands that I open my mouth, but I beg and plead with him as I cry saying "no!" He threatens to be me more, and honestly, I'd rather take the beating over having that disgusting thing in my mouth. I recieve a few more hits, and a strong slap in the face, then he forces me to open my mouth, shoving his penis inside. He tells me "if you bite me, I will beat the shit out of you." As the tears flowed from my face, life itself began to have no meaning. He pulls back and demand  that I lay on the floor. Once I am on the floor, he lays on top of me, grinding his self on me. When he was finished, he made me put my pants back on, and looked me smack-dead in my eyes and said "if you tell anyone, I'll kill you. Do you hear me!" My response to him was "yes, daddy. That was the day my childhood was stripped away from me, and I felt unloved, alone, that the world was so cold, and I no longer wanted to be in it. Dean finally opened the door, and I moved as quickly as possible to get the hell out of there, before he changed his mind. Mama came home that evening, and as I wanted to tel her, I just couldn't . The monster walked around the house as if nothing happened, and when mama wasn't looking, he would give me an evil look, telling me with his eyes, I dare you.


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