Journals of a Psychopath



Lady Flarice is terrified and bewildered, will she ever esape?

The Mission

      “Now you can do as you please with Lady Flarice,” the Purifiers and the Archangel said.
We were ecstatic she fought us, as we pulled her to the Trees. A rush of excitement rippled among the Purifiers and the Darkest-One. Tumbling to my knees, the Woodlanders smacked their branches with energy engendered the purification stretch was charged with dynamism. Singing, the Purifiers and the Archangel hearkened to our chants, insistent and extended, the surroundings bristled with power it was the force Smithson and I generated. The current of air whistled among the Trees, they danced and groaned, and the flames leapt and licked the wood hungrily, once Smithson fired it. Lines of blue electricity sparked from my fingers such was the magnitude. Arranging Lady Flarice in complete subjection and Smithson supported a bottle of bourbon to her lips. She scrutinized the sheets of fire, Lady Flarice’s vision-spheres dismal. Cutting her gown down the middle with the sword and the robe fell from the Lady Flarice. The wind blew the pure white silk and it twirled around the altar. The dance of the insane commenced and I weaved around the Lady Flarice, my arms swung from side to side. Her honeyed-part was ready and the tiny silver stars stitched on her labia sparkled. The Lady Flarice’s were nipples pointed and the tiny silver stars tinkled in the wind. Lady Flarice’s vulva was exquisite and enticing my man-weapon was ready. Cold air unmercifully chilled us. The sexing to come before the torment and I kissed her lips so stiff on mine, yanking the chain of the silver stars attached to the nipple the Lady Flarice’s body convulsed.

The Homestead

Rhea was in her room and I imagined she was spark out in her bed. Jayne sat on the spiral staircase, she stared, and she smiled when I touched her. The guests departed, the homestead seemed dissonantly silent. Jayne grabbed my hand, we began to mount the spiral stairs, and we twisted around the ornamental metalwork into a bedroom. Smithson sulked in his room he was frustrated with the lower actuality and even now after the constant lectures he did not see the point, but if not for the lesser world he would not possess all the opportunities. He was not trained in the finer aspects of the vocation. Jayne jumped on the bed and rolled over, she produced a sex toy from her pocket, I did not appreciate the implication, she wanted me to play, and Jayne’s eyes were hazy with lust. I promised she would have her day so I did not mind submitting. Besides, the cogitation of Lady Flarice, waiting to be disfigured caused me to feel mellow. Jayne squirmed and the soft toy continually brushed against her clitoris and she begged for more. I pushed inside Jayne’s woman-place, she came melodramatically, her face was aglow with love, I gaped at Jayne, she stepped closer, and I kissed her forehead.

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