Chapter 19: Believe in Me



IT had been less than a day after the unfortunate encountered with the mysterious half-mask lad. Approximately, it had been less than twenty-four hours before Shinji was forced to make a decision, that could be very well changed his and the lives o...

IT had been less than a day after the unfortunate encountered with the mysterious half-mask lad.

Approximately, it had been less than twenty-four hours before Shinji was forced to make a decision, that could be very well changed his and the lives of others around him.

No doubt Shinji had been very doubtful about the idea at first.

The risk of having Mika turning against them was risking. Having her turning against them in her ‘Berserk Mode’ as he would called it, was deadly enough.

Especially in the forest where there were plenty of places for her to plan a sneaked attack on them.


That plan had not appealing to him at all whatsoever. Yet, he had no choice.

Idiot — was the only words came out of his mouth as he’d held the Princess close in his arms, all the while deciding on a decision.

After a moment debating with Kazuo, Shinji had finally made up his mind and gave in.

Thus, the consequences that followed afterwards.

Dawn finally settled in after darkness had filled in the skies for so long.

Yet, the anxiety feeling belonged to the two groups of soldiers from the White Wolf Clan who had to stay on guard at the front of the mansion’s gates remained unsettled.

They had been keeping a close watch for any signs of breakthrough from one raging Spirit Princess should she managed break through the barrier around the mansion.

The fairly active and invisible green barrier that was still keeping the mansion safe from any intrusions. However, it was no longer in great condition as it had been severely hits by the wild and raging Spirit Princess.

It just in the matter of time before the barrier finally damaged and all hell broke loose.

Until then, the faithful soldiers would wait patiently for an order and kept closed eyes on the Spirit who had surrounded herself with the nature of the forest, waiting for the right moment before she would make the first and fatal assault against them.

Under His Royal Highness’s wish, they had been ordered not to lay even a hair on the Spirit Princess no matter what, while an urgent meeting was being held inside the mansion.

Meanwhile, the situation inside of the mansion remained tensed.

Sitting around a large circle table in a fairly exclusive room with rare decorative items; each worth more than thousands of Gold, were Shinji, Kazuo, Milla and two Captains Representatives of the Clan.

One of the two representatives, was Logg — a tall, tanned, bald, hunky man with a bulky muscular frame and a skull tattooed of a wolf on his head.

One would think twice to even talk to him because of his rebellious and ruthless looks. He had a white tattoo crest on his sleeveless armoured left arm.

Sitting beside him, was another Captain — a slightly younger looking man with his long greyish-violet bangs covered his right ocean blue eye. He wore an eye patch on the other eye. Like Logg, he too had the same white tattoo crest at the right side of his slightly exposed neck. However, unlike Logg, the man was fair skinned, averaged male height, and instead of bulky with muscles, the latter had a fairly leaned muscular body.

He also had a cool air around him — an obvious contrast to the feisty air belonged to the fellow Captain sitting beside him.

“Forgive me for sounding a bit rude, Prince, but dawn has already approaching us, yet we still haven’t found any solution or conclusion to this problem! Right now, a raging Spirit is waiting for a chance to kill all of us the moment the barrier loses its energy! Mind telling me what do you have in mind?”

“Oh, hush you. That’s not a way to speak to His Royal Highness.” Scolded the soft-spoken Sigurd.

“Oh, hush yourself! You were thinking the same damn thing, so don’t make me look like I’m the bad guy!”

“That’s enough.” Milla stepped in between those two Captains. “Please, gentlemen. Let us take a deep breath and try to focus on the matter here. Okay?”

Taking a deep breath herself, Milla spoke again. “While it is true what Logg had just said — time is wasting as we all sit here discussing. However, please keep in mind that this is not an easy matter to decide, especially for His Royal Highness.”

“A question, if I may?” Sigurd continued once everyone nodded in approval.

“Just as everyone in this room knows, I have pledged my loyalty and faith to the His Royal Highness the Prince and to the White Wolf Clan until the day I shall die. I understood and acknowledged that the Spirit Princess is in fact, His Highness’s Chosen Apprentice — one does not simply take the role lightly. That is why I do not understand why we should not take her down, when she is now a threat to His Highness. After all, isn’t that why we are here for? To eliminate all threats to His Royal Highness so that His Highness may lives in peace?”

“What the hell are ye talking about, ye pretty bastard?! Do ye even listened to what we’ve talked about earlier?” Kazuo barked angrily.

“I’d listened well, Mister Kazuo. However, my top priority lies in His Royal Highness’s safety. Should any of the White Wolf members was to commit a betray against His Highness, we will not be hesitate to hunt him to the end of the earth and kills him. Isn’t it roughly the same as what is happening right now? Being His Royal Highness’ Chosen Apprentice means she must be willing to put her life on the line in order to protect him. And should she fails to do so, her punishment would be death. Either by the hands of us or by His Royal Highness himself. Surely, she must have known that too. As it stands now, the Apprentice has become the threat. Therefore, is it not our duty to eliminate those who try to harm His Highness and to protect him at any given cost?”

Sigurd crossed his arms. “Unless there is an alternative way to end this, I’ll be more than happy to hear about it.”

Kazuo gritted his teeth. He had to force himself to restrain from the pretty-face Captain in the room.

While the man did made some relevant points, based from his prospective as members of the White Wolf Clan whom had swore loyally to serve and protect their Prince, no matter what, Kazuo could not bring himself the idea of killing one of their friends, even if it means to protect another.

That’s just wrong! There must be another way to solve this. He refused to believe that the only way to end this was through tragedy! But the fact still remained that they have been stuck in this room for hours, discussing without any success.

“Something that your friend should have done so in the first place.”

Those words spoken by that irritable lad had been bugging him since yesterday. Kazuo looked at Shinji, and opened his mouth.

“Shinji, I want ye to be honest with me. Cause I’m ye friend and I’ve been with ye waaay too patient for ye to open up to me about ta Spirits, Mika, and all those shits that just keep popping up in our lives for no reasons. I know ye knew the reason why — why all of these happened. So, if ye ever considered me as ye old pal, now is ta time ta spill it out.”

For a while, nobody spoke.

Only the silence fill in the air as everyone waited for answers. Shinji looked at the man whom he looked up to as a brother, even when he stubbornly refused to admit it.

Not once did their eyes blinked.

Finally, Shinji who gazed away. “What do you want to know?”

“Everything. Especially what that lil’ bastard meant when he said what you should have do to Mika it in the first place.”

“...The jade bracelet that I’d made for Mika contained a spell that kept her Spirit going overload. In other word, the spell that I’d used on her was actually the ‘Soul Binding Spell’. However,”

Shinji placed his left palm on the table.

“The Soul Binding Spell that I’d cast, is not the same with the ones you saw in the forest, Kazuo.” A faintly green light — the same light he’d used to create a barrier and heals wound emitted from the tips of his fingers.

“As you’d know, my mother had been the previous Lady of the White Wolf Clan. She came from long descendants of a Royal family in a foreign land, somewhere in the South. However, because her grandfather had been a rebellious and runaway Prince, thus, we do not inherited the throne to that Kingdom whatsoever. Being a rebellious Prince, he’d left his castle life behind and built a Clan instead. A Clan that he and his lovely beloved wife whom he’d cherished very much, built and fought so hard to protect. Through them, I  eventually gained some part of the Royal bloodlines within me and this Clan. One thing that you never knew, Kazuo, is that one quarter of the blood that run through my veins, are mostly Spirit’s blood whom I inherited from my maternal side, my great great grandmother.”

If there was a pin fell from the table, the sound of it hit on the marble floor could be heard loudly in the deaf room.

If he could stretched and widened his eyes more, Kazuo would have done just that. Instead, he kept on staring at everyone with jaws dropped who did not seemed to be slightly bothered about the revelation at all.

They were rather amused by his reaction at the revelation instead.

Milla tried to cover her giggles by using her hands, while the two representatives, for better or for worse, tried to hide their stiff laughters by looked away and pretending to cough aloud.

Kazuo did not even realised he was gawking until a minute later, when he began to stutter.

“Y-Y-You’re a SPIRIT?!”

“Quarter. My great great grandfather had fallen in love with a beautiful Spirit and thus, had taken her to be his long and beloved wife, and to be the First Lady of the Clan.”

“M-Married?! How come I didn’t know anything about these?! I’ve known ye my whole freakin’ life!”

Shinji sighed. “It’s not that I don’t want to to tell you. It’s just for pre-cautions and it was under the Clan’s strict orders. Only the Councils and highly-ranked Captains like these two knew about it.”

At the mention of them, Logg grinned widely.

“C’mon, man. Do you seriously think a normal human could creates a barrier? Or heal wounds? Ya gotta be kidding me!” He gave Kazuo a loud smack at the back.

“Wait. Wait! Does it means Suzumi has, like, Spirit abilities too?”

“Lady Suzumi has psychic abilities — mind reading and telekinesis in which she inherited from her late mother. Her blood can also be used to make special drugs or medicines. In fact, most of the medicines that the Clan produced contained a little bit of her blood.” Sigurd explained.

“As for me," Milla spoke. "Even though Shinji and I are close relatives, only the Main House possesses the Spirit abilities. The rest of us do not. However, that does not necessarily means we are any lacked of skills."

“I knew it! I knew that kitchen’s knife did not just popped itself beside my bed! CRAP! No wonder she always gave me that dirty looks whenever I came to visit you guys!” Kazuo exclaimed, in panic.

Shinji rolled his eyes and crossed his arms.

“Be grateful she doesn’t make you eat her food or else you’ll be dead by now. Anyhow, because the Spirit blood has already grew thin when it passed down to me, my powers are limited. I had to work extremely hard just to be able to use them. It taken me years of hard works and trainings to finally be able to control them. Back to the topic, it’s true that I’d put the ‘Soul Binding’ into the bracelet, however, because of my Spirit bloodline, it somehow lessened the effects of the purifications. In order words, the bracelet helps Mika to controls the Spirits rather than letting it controls her. It acts like a drug to calm down her Spirit. I dunno what that midget had said to her, but whatever it was, you can assure that I took great precautions when it comes to Mika. I wouldn’t have done it if it was dangerous in the first place.”

“That being said. But we still haven’t figured out what to do with our friend who’s currently waiting outside?” Milla asked, filled in her cup of coffee.

Tension rose again in the silence room.

Shinji looked at his own empty cup of coffee. His eyes looked tired from the lack of sleep.

"Five years. Five years I’ve waited patiently for her to be able to come back to me since that incident that took place and changed our lives entirely. I’d always thought the day she would come back would be the day when we could finally meet again. However, fate has other means. When she did came back to me, it was not under what I had wanted it to be. Seeing how confused she was and how lost she’d been, I could not afford to take the last piece of her that she holds on the most just to satisfy my own selfishness. For the Clan’s sake. The reason why I wanted to bring her along with me to the Red Line, beside sealing the gates, is to bring her back home.”

“You’re letting her go, Your Highness?” Milla asked in an unbelievable tone. “All these while you’ve been waiting for her, and now you’re letting her go? Why?”

“Mika deserves to have a home. If it’s not with me, then the least I could do is to return her back to where she came from — her real home. However, since things have changed, clearly, that’s not possible right now. Certain measurements need to be taken. If her only salvation to end the suffering is to die... Then so be it.”

“Shinji! What are ye saying?!”

Kazuo got up on his feet. The two Captains got up as well.

Shinji had his eyes closed, with a deep frown. His hands hidden on his laps were in tight fists, knuckles turned pure white as he uttered the three words:

“Prepare for battle.”

WHILE the Mansion was busy with the battle preparations, the soldiers were excited however that they would be under the Command of their Prince. 

Shinji rarely went to battle with his men, whenever he did, it would always ended up in successful magnificent battle.

The moment was rare indeed, but it was priceless.

One man however, managed to sneak out from all of those the hectic, and went to the back of the mansion where it was much quiet.

He gazed over the empty field in front of the Mansion’s gates. If anyone dared to step out of the barrier, no doubt they won’t survive for long.

A trail of tears fell down on his cheek.

He’d heard everything.

While Guy wasn’t one to eavesdrop on conversation, and it was never his intention to eavesdrop in the first place, he’d happened to be at the corridor.

Out of curious, he quietly tiptoed and listened to the rest of the conversation.

Now staring blankly at the empty field with his heart felt like it had torn apart. Guy felt like things couldn’t get even more worse than this.

Is there no other way to end without a life taken away?

He fell on his knees to the solid ground, sobbing. Just then, he felt something rolled out from his pants pocket — a small thick decorative gold bracelet.

It was simple yet elegant bracelet that he had happened to see while stocking up items during one of their pit stops at Eden.

He had brought it as a present for Mika, as an apology for the mean words he’d said to her. He had completely forgotten all about it!

Staring dazedly at the shining golden bracelet, Guy reached carefully stroke the bracelet with care. With his eyes still glimmering with tears, all the sudden, he heard a soothing voice, whispering to his ears softly like wind.

The tears stopped flowing. His body moved accordingly on its own — heading toward the outside of the mansion.

One hand reached out for the air outside of the mansion.

Instead of getting himself electrocuted like the Spirit Princess, Guy’s hand easily went through the barrier!

The bracelet that he held on tightly on his other hand continued to glow brightly, as Guy pushed himself into the barrier, and out to the other side.

He walked on.

Thepreparation for the battle was completed.

Two front lines units, with a total of sixty soldiers, led by Sigurd and Logg, stood at the front of the main gates.  The two Captains stood calmly as they observed the empty field and waiting for an order to strike.

At the rear end, was Shinji and his units.

“So the time has come to this.” Milla said firmly yet with a regrettable tone.

She watched for a bit more at the far back before turning to look at the man behind her, who was guarded by the soldiers, and was heavily chained when he had leashed out at the Prince in the meeting room earlier.

Milla had told him not to come but the man had stubbornly refused.

“Torturing yourself like this isn’t healthy, you know. Also,” She whispered softly, enough for only him could hear.

When she finished, Milla patted his shoulders gently before she went off, leaving the man stunned.

Meanwhile, Shinji was having a last minute briefing with the rest of the units and their Captains when a pair of guards came in running toward them in haste.

“Your Royal Highness! One of the men who are guarding at the South Gate just said that he saw somebody had broken through the barrier!”

Kazuo’s head lifted up at the report given.

“That’s impossible!” came from one of the soldiers. “He would have be electrocuted!”

“That’s right!”

While the messenger soldier quickly claimed that it was true, feared for being called as a liar and sabotaged the plans, Shinji could hear was his own heart rapidly uneasily fast.

He turned to the nearest soldier to him.

“Where’s Guy? Have you seen him?”

As in queue, a desperate female’s voice came in shouting behind them, among the crowds. Luna came out from the crowds, eyes watery.

“Help! Please you have to help me! My brother is missing! He’s not in his room or anywhere in the mansion!”

All eyes widened. Milla walked toward the young girl and hold on her shoulders. “When was the last time you saw him?”

“T-Today. After breakfast. He said he needed to get some fresh air so I’d let him. But he never came back! I-I went to search for him but he wasn’t anywhere in the mansion!”

“All right. We’ll handle the situation. I need you to get back in the mansion and -”

A loud shout came from one of the soldiers got everyone’s attention.

“Over there! Isn’t that...”

At the opened field, few distance away from the mansion, there was a shadow of a man wearing a simple white shirt, loose pants, with a spear on one hand, came into view.


“BROTHER!” Luna rushed over only to stop by Sigurd who had forcefully grabbed her arms and pulled her back.

“Let me go! He's my brother!”

“Unless you want to be electrocuted, be my guess.” Sigurd coldly said before he released her arms. His one eye glared sharply at her.

“Deactivate the barrier!” Shinji barked. “I’m going out!”

He was instantly stopped by a few guards who blocked his way.

“You mustn’t, Your Highness! It’s too risky for you to go out there-”


A guard was literally being thrown at the group of guards who had blocked Shinji's way.

Shinji looked to his right, where the culprit who did this was.

“Are ye people deaf or what? He said deactivate the barrier! DO IT NOW!”

The Captain in charge quickly pulled down the device that deactivating the barrier.

In less than a minute, the barrier was deactivated.

Kazuo grinned to himself. It’s amusing to see everyone’s reaction when he had overthrew the guards that were guarding him. He then turned and looked at Shinji.

“Wha’cha givin’ me that look for? C’mon! Ain’t got no time to waste!”

The two men rushed to the opened field to rescue their friend.

GUY stood solidly with his feet buried on the ground. His usual dark brown eyes had a faint glow of orange as he stared at the darker, deeper side of the bushes where he could see a hunched shadow, awaited there.

A pair of visible red eyes stared back at him with a low growl sound could be heard.

One of his hands subconsciously gripped tightly onto the spear.

Now this is odd.

He felt extremely calm despite the terrified feeling he’d felt yesterday that shook his very core when the Spirit Princess had charged to the mansion.

Steadily, he moved forward.


The sound of a cat-like hissed came from behind the bushes grew louder, yet he did not seemed to want to stop.

Guy’s feet kept on moving forward until suddenly, they stopped by themselves at the sound of rustles from the bushes.

Slowly a shadow emerged from the bushes.

Guy stood still, his expression remained calm. There were a few drops of sweats gathered on his forehead, but other than that, he looked fine and remained collected. He waited as the shadow got closer and closer to him until the face of the person he held on so dearly became visible.


With her long and messy scarlet red, sharp deadly claws and pointed teeth, the young Spirit before him was nothing like his precious Mika.

The once adorable face with a sweet smile had replaced with a psychotic grin and crazy gaze.

Slightly behind him, Kazuo and Shinji arrived at the scene just as the Spirit Princess began to emerge from the bushes. They stopped abruptly, not moving any muscles; for fearing that the slightest move could cost them.

Shinji looked at his Apprentice with trained eyes.

Beside him, Kazuo was still trying to get his grip. He noticed how tightly he held on the sickle, and how trembled his knees shook. He didn’t blamed the latter.

Any human, no matter how brave or strong they claimed they were, would be shaken to their knees when they ought to face with the deadly Spirit race.

Even Shinji himself was a slightly shaken by fear as well.

Meanwhile, Kazuo’s eyes went to his friend ahead them.

Good. Nothing happened. Yet.

He tried to move his left leg cautiously to the front, eyes still on the Spirit Princess.

No reaction.

Good. Kazuo thought briefly. Sweats was dripping from his forehead to his shoulder.

Just as he about to move his other foot to the front, something else stopped him — Shinji’s left foot blocked Kazuo’s foot from going further. With a slight head shake from the latter, he retrieved back his leg.

When Kazuo looked at the Spirit Princess again, he almost screamed out.

The Spirit, whom before had not paid any attention to them, was now looking at them with an interesting and malicious grin. Her slightly pointed head jerked and moved like a snake.

“Mika.” A voice called out to her caught the Princess’s attention.

With a faint smile, Guy spoke in a gentle tone.

“In our language, ‘Mika’ means ‘beautiful aroma’. I do not know what it means in the Spirit Language, but I am sure it must be something similar to our meanings.” One hand reached out for the golden bracelet that he kept in his pocket.

“Here,” he showed her the bracelet. “I’d bought this bracelet right before we departed from Eden. And I meant to give you, but I’ve forgotten all about it. Silly me. I just thought you might like it, something that hopefully cheers you up. You always look so gloomy these days. So I.. I’d thought you might like it. And I would very much like to see you smile again. You have a very sweet smile, Mika — something that you’d often forget. Silly girl.”

The Princess growled lowly at him, with her eyes narrowed and teeth clenched.

Guy remained strong.

“I know even in this current state that you can hear me. That there is a part of you still listening and fighting to overcome this! You are a strong young woman. And I couldn’t be even more prouder. I know you can do this! So please, come back to us!”

At his last sentence, the Spirit growled louder. Raising her hand, she was about stroke him down with her poisonous deadly claws when a steel chain wrapped itself around her wrist.

“Guy! Get over here!” Kazuo shouted, holding on the extended chained sickle as best as he could against the struggling Spirit.

When the man refused to move, Kazuo yelled at him.

“Guy! Get you arse over here NOW!”

“NO!” Guy rapidly shook his head. He ran outwards to the Spirit Princess and held both her shoulders, forcing her to listen to him.

“Mika! Please, I know you can hear me! Come to your senses!”

Using her other free hand, she scratched the left side of his face — across the cheeks!

The man fell, groaning in pain while holding his bleeding cheek.

“Guy!” Kazuo, still struggling to keep the Princess in place while at the same time, worrying over his friend.

Seeing this, Shinji took the chance and made a dash from his spot toward the Spirit. He aimed and shot two bullets at her legs.

Mika made an air somersault, even with a chain attached her wrist, she managed to avoid the bullets swiftly and flawlessly, before she landed her feet gracefully back to the ground.

Growling at those two, Mika bit the chains hard using her fangs.

“WHA—” Kazuo had a little time to react to the shock when something painful and hard smacked him on the face, caused him to roll back on the ground before the same assault implied to him — a powerful kick this time, on his stomach, by the Spirit Princess.

Meanwhile, Shinji had pulled Guy back to his feet.


He roughly pushed the man, toward the direction of the mansion, when Guy stopped forcefully himself.

“Shinji, wait! Please, you have to listen to me!” Guy begged. “I know this may not sound the best idea, but I think we should talk into her!”

"You son of... Do you realised what you’ve done?! We’re all risking our lives to come and get you! Kazuo is risking his life over there for us to escape!”

“I know. I know what I’m asking from everyone is selfish and unreasonable. But I want to save Mika! I know that my words can reach her, and I know that you want to save her too!”

“I don't-”

“Stop denying it! You care for her. I heard you in the meeting room — you sounded so firm when you gave out the orders, yet your eyes, they betrayed you. Right now, you feel torn inside, aren’t you?”

Shinji’s cold eyes glared at Guy for what seemed to be a while before they turned soft, and he let out a defeated sigh.

His eyes looked at the direction where Kazuo and the Princess were at — Kazuo was defending himself using whatever left of his broken sickle while the Princess was on complete offence.

“...I’d chose Mika in a heartbeat. But if I do that, then the Clan — my people and my family would be in grave danger. That’s why I’d thought, it would be best to end this now.”

“There is a way to end this without having to kill her,Shinji. It’s through us! Our voices can reach her. Mika’s strong. She’s fighting this as we speak. All she needs is a push and our faith and trust in her. ”

Letting out another sigh, Shinji looked at the man with a small smile.

“All right, you win. What’s the plan?”

KAZUO jumped backward and narrowly dodged the deadly and fast-paced fist aimed at his head. He then brought the half-broken sickle to the front, and used it as a shield against the assaults from the Spirit.

His breaths shortened with few gasps. There were few scratched marks on his face — ones that he’d failed to avoid.

His right arm was bleeding from the last assault where he’d actually got bitten by the Princess!

Kazuo winched at both his carelessness and at the pain.

Damn it.

He could feel the poison from bite earlier through his veins. Vermilion eyes still stared sharply at the Princess. Kazuo knew he had to get away from here — far away from her.

But how? Before he could decide, he felt his body being slammed hard against a tree.


Emerald eyes opened up to a world of darkness.

That’s strange. Mika briefly thought. When did I blacked out? Last thing I remembered was someone shouted my name and then...

Her bright emerald eyes widened as memories came to her in a wave. With a loud gasp, she tried to get up in haste — only to have her fell on her back again.

“What? Why can’t I get up?”

She tried to move her hand but it felt stiff and hardened like a rock. She could not even lift a hand, let alone a finger!

Frustration and worry began to sink in.

Mika desperately tried as she might to move other parts of her body as she possibly could, when all the sudden, a loud sound of someone being choked echoed from the walls of darkness that surrounded her.

Mika stopped and listened closely to the sound. It disappeared as soon as it came. She patiently waited and listened to it. The sound of someone being choked was heard once again!

The unmistakable sound of agony came from the darkness.

But wait!

Mika listened to it this time more intensely, with her eyes closed. The voice that echoed in agony sounded familiar, but for the life of her, she could not pinpoint exactly where she had heard it from.

Suddenly, like a tug on her chest, Mika reopened her eyes, and let out a loud gasp.

Before, all she could see was pitched black walls, but now, the walls had turned an eye-viewed visual screen.

The sight of the screen showed her made her gasped in horror — at the battened and wounded Kazuo.

With his sickle on the ground, the latter was in the air by a pair of strong hands that had an iron grip around his neck, choking him.

“Kazuo!” Mika called out.

“KAZUO!” She shouted his name over and over again and a few more times.Only the sound of his name echoed in return.

Biting her lips in frustration, Mika let out a yell. She does not know where she was. She cannot move, and now she’s witnessing her friend being tortured!

Damn it all!

A few drops of tears fell on her cheeks.

No. Crying won’t help me get out of this situation. Taking a very deep breath, Mika once again tried to move her fingers.

Desperate noises came from her mouth when she tried to move her finger, even for just a little bit. She could feel her forehead getting damp by sweats.


One finger finally jerked.

KAZUO struggled to keep the iron grip hands that were choking his neck. This was so NOT what he had in mind when he often imagined the kind and lovely Princess wrapped her hands around his neck.

Very far from it even!

Kazuo groaned.

No matter how much — or what was left in his strength after the intensive battle he had against the Spirit earlier, he could not get her hands off him!

With her sinister smirk and blood-lust gaze, staring sadistically back at him in satisfaction at his tortures, Kazuo felt sick to his stomach.

Just then, tug!

He’d heard something snapped.

The orangey-blonde fighter looked at the hands that were choking him, his eyes grew larger at the slightly loose hold of the iron grip on his neck.

His eyes wandered at the look of the Spirit Princess who looked shocked and disturbed by her own action.

What the... She looks like like it wasn’t her doings at all!

All the sudden, he remembered hearing words that Guy had shouted to her earlier:

“I know even in this current state that you can hear me. That there is a part of you still listening and fighting to overcome this!”

Kazuo faintly smirked.

“Ye not alone, Princess.” he said with a raspy voice. “We’re right behind ye. So don’t be afraid ta come back. Come back to us. Where you belong. With us.”


Few fingers snapped.

Her right hand tried to pull away from his neck but at the same time, it stubbornly refused to let go of the iron grip on his neck.

“C’MON, Princess! You’re a lot stronger than it! FIGHT IT!”

Before long, Kazuo felt something strong had forcefully pulled the Spirit Princess away from him. He fell on the ground, hard and mercilessly.


The man opened his eyes to the sight of two his companions rushed to his aid.

Shinji had his gun pointed at the Spirit, while Guy had knelt down beside him and carefully inspected his wounds.

“You’re okay?” Shinji asked his wounded friend.

Kazuo turned to look at his team leader. He could only managed a weary smile.

“Ye looked great from down here.”

“He has a bit of mild concussion. We need to get him out of here.”

Shinji nodded his head.

“Sigurd! Logg!” Shinji shouted.

The two Captains Representatives appeared before him in a blink of an eye.

“Take him back to the mansion. Get Milla to have a look at his head.”

Without a word,Logg lifted the heavy man from the ground and put him on his shoulder.

“I’ll leave His Highness to your care then, Sigurd.”

“Understood.” Sigurd glanced at Shinji. “How do you wish on taking her down, Your Highness?”

“She was able to gain control of her Spirit-self from struggling Kazuo, just now. It means her Spirit is getting weak and her body can no longer holds it together.”

“What are you suggesting then, Shinji?” asked Guy.

“Let’s wear her out.”

“As you wish.” Sigurd disappeared in the thin air.

When Sigurd reappeared in less then a second later, he reappeared behind the Spirit Princess, and launched a sneak attack on her.

Sigurd attacked, swinging a Halberd at the Spirit, who avoided the attack with a little trouble. Guy assisted him by taking turns to attack as well.

Shinji walked toward the Princess with steady steps. Purple eyes focused only on the Spirit. He knew at this moment, even if she was to attack him now, her body could not obey her. In a way, he felt slightly relieved. At the same time, terrified at what would happened next.

With a silence pray and nothing to lose, he entered the battlefield.

Shinji stopped a few steps away from the Spirit, who was pinned on her knees by Sigurd with her hands covered her face.

Slowly and carefully, he knelt to her height. He lifted one hand, and put it on her head before he began to chant the spell.

The Princess’s body tensed at his slight touch. An increasingly growling sound came from her mouth as her body trembled. Shinji put both hands to the sides of her head as he muttered, casting the spell.

Meanwhile, Mika had managed to successfully gained control the upper parts of her body — her hands mostly, after a long and hard struggle.

The amounts strength and energy that she’d used to gain control of her body had nearly her blacked out again.

As soon as she’d managed to control her body, a sudden rush of tiredness overcame her and Mika once again fell back on the cold ground.

She tried to get up, but this time her body refused to move. Even her hands, which she’d managed to gain control lose, they wills to move.

The sudden tiredness made her felt rather sleepy. Very sleepy, in fact.

Her eyes were already half-lidded when she suddenly felt something warm surrounded her. The familiar warmth and a soothing, safe feeling that reminded her of a thick warm blanket during the cold winter.

Mika felt very at eased at the warmness that developed around her.

As the warm enveloped her, Mika finally closed her eyes.

NIGHT finally approached, ending all the hectic things happened during the day.

The night was unusually quiet, when normally, there was always the sound of the loud shouts of the Captains and their subordinates whether it’s on training or chilling out after a long day of work.

But not tonight.

Tonight, everyone went to bed early after a long tiring day, having to deal with the wild and raging Spirit Princess.

While some of them were not directly involved with the matter, there was no question that their lives were all on the line. One wrong move and they would be dead in an instant.

The anxiousness and weariness of having to wait for their beloved Prince to return safely back to the Mansion had made the guards who was on duty restless and mentally worn out.

Finally, after what seemed to be hours of waiting, the sight of their Prince, carrying the unconscious Spirit Princess in his arms and the two men beside him, had made them all sighed in deep relieved as they too went out after deactivated the barrier, and helped out the Prince.

A sound of graceful soft footsteps walked through the corridor. The footsteps stopped in front of a door where a faintly sound of crying could be heard inside of a room. Swallowed, Milla took a peak at the view inside:

The two Luyas siblings were inside the room with the younger one crying on a pillow while her older brother sat beside her, softly stroked her head and said comfort words to her.

Beside him, was the orangey-blond womaniser who had his body wrapped in bandages. His eyes were watery and red. His face was in a messed and miserable as he rested his head at the end of the bed.

The source of their miserable lied on the person laid unconsciously on the bed with a damp cloth on her forehead; was her bright scarlet hair with the familiar short length that reached just above her shoulders.

Sitting beside her pillow, with a hand on her wrist and keeping a check on her pulse, was the White Wolf Prince.

They were all waiting.

Waiting for a miracle to happen.

Waiting for her to wake up.

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