Nightmare Premonition



An end of the world type nightmare/premonition.

Background: It was 2001 when I was a junior in high school stressing out on the endless homework assignments and the supposed lack of prep available for the ACT and SAT tests that I had to take. In addition, I worked part-time and was on the bowling league in the beginning of junior year till I heard about a girls' bowling team at school and upon acceptance quit the league. I also had an older verbally and physically abusive older brother (details in my memoir), a neglectful mother, and a workaholic father. I tried to stay way from home as much as possible. I had friends, but most were in relationships and had little time for me and my self-esteem was so low into the earth's dirt that I was suffocating and blind by it all the time. By late summer my paternal grandfather passed and it caused my brother to be more verbally abusive and threatening than usual despite being around family for the funeral. Perhaps, these were the reasons for this nightmare that I believe to be a premonition. Call me crazy, but of course, I shrugged the dream off initially until it was too late. Not that I could've done anything to stop anything anyways.

I remember it like it was yesterday. It was the weekend and I didn't even have to work on Sunday. Saturday was filled with me sleeping in as late as possible, waking up to complete homework, followed by working for a few hours and then returning home. I don't remember much else about that day. For all I know, I could've spent some time with one of my best friends after work or even before work, but I know everything else to be true. Regardless, I'm sure I stayed up late and I know I wasn't watching some horror flick which can sometimes cause me to have nightmares.

The Dream:

The sky was an evil shad of blue and the winds whistled in the air. Although no electricity hung in the air, the grounds caught fire from unusual heat. The moon was barely visible between the clouds of smoke. My hair was blowing in all sorts of directions and caving around my face so that my vision was tunneled as it appeared as though I was the only being in existence. The fire consumed the trees, buildings and houses. Shock and fear were the only two feelings I could muster and drops of liquid fell down from all over my head.I tried opening my mouth to scream for help, but found my voice muted and paralyzed.

I woke up with a jolt and breathed heavily, stumbled out of bed and found my mother in the bathroom across the hall.

"Mom, I had the most awful dream!" I shouted.

"What happened?" she asked.

"It was the end of the world!" I managed to breathe out.

"It was just a nightmare sweetie," she assured me.

"I know, thank God!" I sighed, relieved.

At least it was for the time, until a week later when I went to my first period class, sat down next to my friend who was balling her eyes out.

"Are you okay? What's wrong?" I wondered.

She just shook her head and couldn't manage to respond. The bell rang and the announcements came on asking all teachers to turn on their televisions. This was what we all saw:

I thought, "Oh my God, it really is the end of the world!"

I thought things would never be the same. My mom was planning on flying home a day or two after the attacks before they occurred. Thank God her flight wasn't that day!

My thoughts on my Nightmare?

I believe it was a premonition, call me crazy all you want. It was definitely more exaggerated and even my thoughts were more exaggerated, but I would imagine many people felt it was the beginning of the end of the world because supposedly even Nostradamus predicted these attacks if memory serves me right and he claimed the attacks would be the beginning of the end of the world. I don't believe that my life as it was, the way it was, had anything to do with it to be honest. It was the first dream that I truly believed was a premonition. Of course, my mom wouldn't remember that I even or ever had the nightmare. I just know that I did. I wrote down the dream from memory as part of an assignment for a creative writing class I took online at a local community college.

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