A spaceship has landed on Mars and what is discovered are American Indians.


Once upon a time
A woman from Florida
In America

Working for NASA
Was educated and taught
How to be an astronaut

She was a mother
Of a child who was deaf
He worked as a chef

After he was born
She grew more and more concerned
Sign language she learned

Although he grew up
So she focused on her work
She began as a mail clerk

She was very smart
She had been later chosen
For the Mars mission

On the ride through space
No one knew what to expect
As I do reflect

The woman is me
The Mars mission was no game
Lane is my first name

Just then we landed
We all looked out the window
“We need a hero”

That we all shouted
For what we saw was creepy
Thousands of teepees

The people looked like
American Indians
We could not stay in

We opened the door
And everyone stepped outside
I wanted to hide

We were approached by
The people living on Mars
They did not drive cars

Though they rode horses
They wanted to talk to us
We all had mistrust

A different language
The aliens of Mars spoke
(True and not a joke)

I stepped up to plate
Sign language I tried to speak
Their leader I seeked

Luckily they spoke
Using sign language as well
Just then — a loud bell

It was a warning
In the ship from ground control
We had reached our goal

Of landing on Mars
Communication was gone
We had to press on

The warning had meant
No more communication
From the ground station

Previously we
Had removed our uniforms
In the ship’s platform

On Mars there was air
Although I do not know how
And not even now

Back to the story
Taking land I was accused
Sign language was used

The Mars aliens
Originally from Earth
A planet rebirth

Wanting peace on Mars
They invited us to live
A gift they did give

A big totem pole
And some land to call our home
On Mars we did roam

Together in peace
Living each and everyday
Oh, and by the way

Before they escaped
(American Indians)
Some left as orphans

The Vikings lead some
From America to Mars
Believe this memoir

For it is all true
A spaceship the Vikings had
A top-secret pad

After Englishmen
Lived on American land
Vikings had a plan

They rescued a few
American Indians
Spaceships they stepped in

Flown away to Mars
Technology Vikings knew
Up the Indians flew

It was just like this
An arrow pointed to Mars
Mars they then called “ours”

So as I had said
Indians and astronauts
Never ever fought

Together in peace
Living our wonderful lives
We all gave high fives

One day I wandered
To another part of land
A building so grand

And another one
A city was being built
I then felt some guilt

This story — not true
Though with this story was brought
Some small food for thought

The End.

Written using a 5 syllable, 7 syllable, 5 syllable structure while rhyming lines 2 and 3.

All rights reserved.

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