One Missing Child



When a six year old child goes missing the whole neighborhood goes in search for her. What has happened to this little girl and can she be found before it's too late and something terrible has happened or will they even find her at all?

One Missing Child

Cathy Pace Matthews


The young girl sat quietly playing with something so intently she didn’t hear the man coming up behind her.  She cooed to the object that had her so completely lost in her endeavors.

“Now sit up straight baby, you’re making it hard for me to dress you.”  She continued to fumble with the little outfit as she was attempting to manipulate the stiff little limbs of the baby doll she was trying to dress.

The man watched the child silently and was in awe of the almost quiet calm she portrayed.  She had been missing for hours.  He didn’t understand how she could have possibly gotten this far back into the woods by herself but she did appear to be alone.  The child’s long blond hair helped to hide the doll the child was playing with.

The man shuttered as he thought of this innocent child being out here alone and unprotected.  She was such an innocent little thing that would make a perfect victim for the wrong kind of person.  The man shuttered again at the thought.

People had been searching everywhere around the area trying to find her.  The child’s mother had called as soon as she noticed the child was missing but there was no way of really knowing how long it had been before her mother had noticed she was gone.  At least this one looked like it might turn out OK he thought.

“I swear you just won’t do anything you should to help.  My mommy is always saying that children are more trouble than they’re worth.”  The little girl appeared to slap her doll and the man flinched at the force she delivered the blow to her baby doll.  It made him wonder what type of home life the child had and if her actions were any indication of what she suffered at home.  If so then he thought he understood why she had come up missing.  It would certainly explain her disappearance.  She was trying to escape from an unhappy and possibly abusive home life.

“There now, isn’t that much better?  See how much easier it is when you behave like a good little girl and make things easier for me?”  The little girl tried to set her doll up in front of her but couldn’t quite get the doll to bend her little legs.

The man hadn’t yet gotten a good look at the doll because he had stopped a little way back from the child because he hadn’t wanted to startle her and the child’s back was to him.  Now he proceeded to approach the child and called her by name.

“Macy.”  The man gently spoke the child’s name.

The little girl didn’t show any signs of fear or apprehension as she heard her name being spoken from behind her.

“Yes?”  Macy turned her head to face the man who had called to her.  She certainly wasn’t afraid and when she saw he was a policeman she smiled at him.

“Are you OK honey?”  The officer had slowly closed the distance between him and the young girl.

“Yes, I’m just playing with my new baby doll.  Do you want to see her?”  Macy reach to pick up the doll in front of her to show the officer.

“Sure, I would love…”  The officer didn’t finish his sentence as Macy brought the doll up for him to see.  His mind tried hard to keep him from screaming as it took in the sight of what was before hon now.  Slowly his eyes began to process the scene before him but it seemed to take too longer for his brain to fully grasp the macabre and horrific image before him.  He knew that he hadn’t found just one of the two missing children from the same neighborhood, he had found both.  The tiny newborn’s head was twisted at an odd angle and the little half opened eyes would never completely open or close on their own again.

“You want to play with us?”  Macy said as she struggled to stand up and lift the dead weight of the lifeless newborn infant.

The officer was having trouble remaining on his feet.  He had never before in his life felt more alone and afraid as he did right now staring into the cold dark eyes of this little five year old child.

“Mommy says children are more trouble than they’re worth but I don’t think so, do you?”  The little girl giggled as she threw the tiny little corpse into the air and let it fall.

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