Journals of a Psychopath



Reading it is the only way to understand the psychology of the novel

The Lady Flarice and the Man-Woman

The gossip concerning the Lady Flarice and her lesbian came regularly. Known in the area, I heard tattletales regarding their business. Obsession led me in and out of the quarters at will, nobody saw. The Lady Flarice and her man-woman took advantage I did not care, because it granted access to the Lady Flarice. Outside their home, I was surprised to catch sight of the Lady Flarice she should be at work.
“I want you to do a job,” the man-woman said when she opened the door.
I chose to work slowly, the Lady Flarice appeared transfixed, and anxiety befell the man-woman. Giving me some coffee, Lady Flarice snatched her hand from mine her fingers touched my skin. Hoisting her frame, the lesbian led me to the door. Sidling out, she closed it firmly, I heard her accuse the Lady Flarice about wanting me, and I knew she did. I listened to the snappy tenor of the Lady Flarice's woman and the placatory tone of the Lady Flarice. The fighting ceased and making out, I examined the bodies, tongues licked and probed, the beat of my heart was akin to a military tattoo, I watched avidly.

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