DC Alt Earth-3 A Long Halloween Vol 1: Chapter 3



Dr. Pamela Isley reflects on her time on Themyscira

A Long Halloween
Part I the Court of Owls
September 1986
Chapter 3

      Dr. Pamela Isley watched as Bruce Wayne’s face twitched slightly as she injected the Amazonian medicine.  She could visibly see the changes in his muscles from the treatment.  The damage to Bruce’s brain appeared to be far more extensive.  She was certain that the twitches, however, slight were from Bruce returning to consciousness.  She was positive that there was a pattern to them and not just a reaction to being stuck with a needle.  She wondered what would happen once Bruce Fully recovered.  His brother Thomas seemed to care about Bruce, but something seemed off about him.

      As she settled down to her desk to continue her studies she wondered if it was just her concern for her friend that was seeping over into her view of people around him.

      “Doctor Isley, do these plants have names?”  The fourteen-year-old examined the plants retrieved from Themyscira, with a more critical eye than Pamela expected from an acrobat, perhaps she actually was interested in medicine or at least plants.  “The soil seems strange as well.”

      “Themyscira is a lost Floridian island…”

      “How do you lose an island?”

      Pamela paused a moment after the interruption remembering the events that led her to the island.  They were chasing a fugitive, Stephen Trevor who had stolen quite a few state secrets before fleeing to the old world.   At the time she was on a science ship off docked at São Miguel, Azores.  General Lane and Admiral Beckenridge, saw in the ship a way to claim fame for themselves so didn’t hesitate to have their guard take over the ship.   Most of the crew was still on land but Pamela had been sick that day so ended up being dragged on a nightmare journey.   It seemed absurd to think they could catch Trevor’s stolen Yacht when they had no idea what route he would take but they did finally catch up with him in the Caribbean.  Neither had expected the storm they ran into not that far off Nassau.

      What they experienced could only be described as a whirlpool that seemed to flow around their ships engulfing them, consuming them and depositing them in a bizarre land.  The island was beautiful untouched by advanced technology and unpolluted by the effects of the Soviet Empire that had taken root in the old world.  Even now she wondered if anyone would really believe where they had been transported.  They had landed somehow in Elysium, the afterlife, or at least a small section of that land.  Themyscira had been lifted from the Earth by the Goddesses who had created the Amazonians using the souls of women who had died far sooner than they should have.

      Pamela remembered seeing their crypts while trying to avoid several patrols with a group of soldiers separated from the larger group.  The Amazons eliminated the patrol with ease but refused to harm her.  One of the Amazons had died from several gunshot wounds any of which would have been lethal to a normal human but it took every single one of them to finally bring her down.   That Amazon was reborn before Pamela’s eyes as a statue.  It was enough to shatter the mind to see the magic that flowed around that island.  Secrets of regeneration, secrets of healing were to be had there.   Pamela had only barely escaped the island with a few survivors on the Yacht Trevor had stolen.  What followed was a trip through Hell itself, or rather Hades’ Domain.

      Out of the few dozen survivors who escaped the Amazon Island only a handful survived the terrors they faced.  People and monsters long thought dead were once more alive and each seemed more lethal than the last.   When they finally escaped the maelstrom of the underworld they once more appeared on earth floating not far from Themyscira itself.   The lost island had been returned sending large waves in every direction as the island displaced vast tons of water.

      By now the General would have returned with an invasion force.  Given how the cold war with the Soviet Empire was going they could not afford to have such an island fall into their grasps.  Already there was word of a man from Metropolis in the Soviet States who claimed to be blessed by the Gods; he called himself Ultra-Man.  Another man from Fawcett city claimed to be blessed by Zeus directly and news reports showed him bathed in lightning as if it were a shower.  She wondered how the Gods could favor such people given the millions that Empire had murdered during its reign.   Deep down part of her wished that maybe the two might have fought back against the Empire, but their arrival had been shown as proof of divine favor.

      Pamela’s story of the Island and news from abroad held Raya’s attention.  Perhaps it was proximity that caused those closer to the Island to be changed as well.  She knew that the leaders of the United States of Europe were certainly concerned.  One of their best minds, Alexander Luthor was hard at work on several projects to help keep the states safe.  The Metallo project seemed to be a success with more and more soldiers volunteering for the Metallo unit.

      Pamela spared a glance at the many plants she brought back with her from Themyscira that lined her office.  She wondered just how much help they would provide.  Already there was the benefit of the healing plants that could bring back someone from the brink of death.  The Amazons could do more but likely that application would have to wait for the technology that General Lane was sure to return with.

      “Did it take long? Studying to be a Botanist?”

      “It certainly took a lot of focus but then I have always wanted to be one since I was little.  I was on my internship when life took me on a detour to Themyscira where these plants came from.”
Raya seemed to study each plant as she listened. “Is it true they won’t grow on any other soil?  I heart they died if you tried to plant them elsewhere.”

      “These plants will not die but they also do not thrive in any other type of soil.  There is something unique about the island.  I have grown a few plants taken from the island but they only seem to thrive when planted in the little soil that I brought back with me.”

      “So they don’t absorb sunlight? Do they?”

      “No, but then that is where I come in.  By studying these plants we will be advancing medical science by lightyears.   After my next check on Bruce would you like to help me classify and study these plants?”

      “Oh yes please” Pamela was sure the younger girl was about to explode with excited energy as she skipped of all things into the room next door where Bruce still slept.  She prayed that maybe her studies would make the world a bit safer for the girl, but she was certain with the chaos unleashed by Themyscira appearing again Raya would have to grow up much faster.   As Pamela entered the room she noticed Raya was standing completely still.  As she followed the girl’s eyes she found herself looking right into Bruce’s eyes, he was looking right back at her, awake.


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