Jullip sat at her desk and hastily wrote a message on rhubarb leaf parchment then fastened it to the leg of a large Flappyjack sunbathing in her window.

She’d meet McShoogle in the next day.

What Jullip and the rest of the Fairies didn’t know- (Drum roll) The Wizard McShoogle had never met a Gargoyle, never mind fought one!


The misunderstanding happened one Sugarfest.

The Wizard McShoogle drank too much sugar ale, ate far too much sugar loaf, resulting in a shoogley tooth.

Off he went to the dentist, who administered shoogle gas before popping the tooth out.

After the extraction, the dentist handed the Wizard a cup and directed him to gargle with the soothing honeysuckle dew.

McShoogle adored it so much he gargled-gargled-gargled-rinsed-swished until he finished the lot, bid the dentist a good day as he staggered out the door.

Still under the influence of the shoogle gas, the Wizard lurched into the street declaring.

‘There are no more gargles left, I’ve dispatched them aw.’

His slurred words literary fell on the deaf ears of a hard-of-hearing Wizard, named Corn-beef Colin.

Colin told everyone how the Wizard Mcshoogles defeated the Gargoyles.

The news of McShoogles victory soon spread.

Auchtershoogle declared a national holiday with free sugar loaf for everyone.

Being that important, caused McShoogle to forget the truth.


Grateful for the praise and bottles of Daisy wine people were bringing him, he joined in the celebrations

Soon the whole of the Tartan Kingdom referred to him as- The Great Wizard McShoogle dispatcher of Gargoyles and outstanding dancer.

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