My Wish List #Disney


Tags The wish list and dreams of a bipolar, depressed girl.

What I want in life:

  1. This… an adorable puppy. Omg. Yes, please.


2. A really, really good cry… and a hug.


Not cry TOO much, though…



3. Stress management & self-care… learn HOW to RELAXXX…


4. A “don’t give up” attitude, despite everything.


5. Some wisdom & wonderful advice.


6. To break away from the things and people who are not healthy for me.


7. To not be involved in drama… what are we, high schoolers??


8. To look ON POINT, just because I want to…


9. To be more nice… or charming… or whatever. ;)




11. To be confident in my own skin.


12. To make others happier…


13. To make MYSELF happier.


14. To make life an adventure & never stop exploring, changing and learning.


15. To NOT freak out so easily… calm yourself.


16. To do my own thanggg… and not apologize for it.


17. To be an adultier adult, I guess.

I mean… gotta become independent one day…


18. To actually read the gazillion books I bought during my manic state. It’s about time.


19. To hang out with my dearest friends more… and try to put this mess behind us.




21. To forgive, even when it feels impossible…


22. To celebrate life, the big things AND the little things.


23. To be open to meeting new people, not letting shyness ruin that for me.


24. To take my life back and not let a mood disorder destroy it.


25. To never stop wishing…

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