Aftermath. Chapter two ...



Alice in Wonderland...

 We were two little girls from different ends of the scale. Where sometimes I would crave for peace and quiet lying in my tree — or would hide among the bales of hay for a moments solitude — Chrissie, on the other hand, would crave the noise and chaos my family had to offer.  

  Some kids may have been jealous of her surroundings and endless amount of toys but even if one has the best things in the world, it's not quite the same without someone to share them with. I regarded her a true friend — and it was a friendship where we never fell out or argue like kids do.

  We would play until we were both exhausted from exploring Alice's wonderland, collecting snails and dreaming about the Beatles. I was happy and contented. But all of my contentment would be torn away from me by the opening of a door. I remember that day well, and that Aladdin's cave of wall to wall toys. There would be no playing out that day. The skies were heavy with thunderous clouds: rain bounced off the deserted street and flashes of lightning streaked the darkened sky with charged fury.

  Running round to the back of the pub I let myself in and passed the cellar that housed all the kegs. The aroma of alcohol was still heavy in the air, along with the distinctive smell of tobacco. It was always strangely quiet: with the storm seemingly getting louder I made short work of the stairs. Closing the door behind me, I ran up the narrow stairs to find Chrissie in her room.

  "What do you want to do?" She enquired.  

  "I don't know," I said. "Play in yer back room.? We can't play out we might be struck with lightnin'," I remarked, frowning at the downpour.

  "I know... Let's play in the toy room," She said jumping off the bed. Reluctantly I followed her in... but didn't get very far before I stopped in my tracks, frozen with fear. I didn't understand all these emotions I was being subjected much very dark. The atmosphere was charged and depressive...there was a feeling of something behind me. I spun around quickly to find no one there...


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