A Mermaid Tail



Written on the 6/2/12 This story came while watching my daughter and her best friend in the pool, role playing as mermaids.

There were two mermaid sisters. One day a circus came to the land walkers. Desiree and Biancah swam to see their father to ask if they could go to and see it.

            Their father gave them permission; since Desiree could turn human once she was dry she didn’t need her dad to give her a magic sea shell to change her.

            Biancah was slightly jealous that her sister didn’t need magic to change. That nightafter the sun had made way for the moon, both girls made their way to the surface. The girls laughed as they seen all the pretty lights.

            Their father came up behind them and kissed them both on the head and told them to be careful. After they hugged him they headed for the beach. They landed on the beach and waited for Desiree’s land legs to come, then headed to the circus.

            They walked hand in hand up to the big tent. They could hear all the different animals. They sat down and watched a land walkers standing in the middle of a circle.

“Hello ladies and gentleman.” He said in a loud voice.

“Now for your entertainment here are the famous lions of the Africa.” The man said then walked off.

            Three lions came out. They roared so loud the two sisters thought that the people in their kingdom would have heard. A land walker came out and with his whip he made the lions do some amazing things, like jump through silver circles as well as jump over him, all the while letting out a loud roar.

            The land walkers came out at the end of the lions doing their tricks and announced that amazing Charlet. The lights went off, they sat there in the dark Desiree and Biancah grabbed hold of each other. Suddenly a light came on, it was sitting on a young girl, and the two sisters thought she was so beautiful. She wore a dress that sparkled like the stars at night.

            All was silent as she slowly stepped out on the wire. While Desiree was watching Charlet, Biancah snuck away from the tent to meet up with her boyfriend Conner.

            She was running fast when she tripped and hit the sand hard she called out to her sister, but Desiree couldn’t hear her sister over the roar of the crowd. When the lights came on she seen that Biancah was gone. Desiree got up and slipped out of the tent and ran around looking and calling Biancah’s name.

            Unbeknown to Desiree her sister had been found by one of the circus people. Desiree headed home to see if her sister had gone before her. Fear set in when Desiree couldn’t find her.

            Desiree ran to her father and told him what had happened, their father was furious with them, because they didn’t look out for each other. Desiree said that she will bring her sister back. He had said to be careful.

            Desiree didn’t know what she going to do to get her sister back. Once on the beach and she had her land legs, she went to look around the circus tent and odd houses on wheels. She was slowly giving up hope that she would find her sister when she noticed a tent that wasn’t there before.

            Slowly she walked up and looked inside. To her surprise she had seen her Biancah crying in what looked like a large bowl. Desiree ran to her sister Biancah was so overjoyed to see Desiree she cried even more.

            Desiree quickly got her sister out. After Biancah was given her shell and her land legs were back both girls slipped out of the tent. Biancah thought that she heard someone coming. Once they were sure that it was safe.

            The girls ran as fast as they could for the water, once they hit the water, and headed for the deep sea where their father was glad that they were safe. Biancah didn’t mind she was just glad that she was safe at home with their family.




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