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                                                                       The Unsettled 

                                                                (Issue called Purgatory) 


I wake and wipe away the nights past I feel uneasy. I set my feet upon the cold floor and suddenly I am pulled under my bed. I find myself in a world of darkness. I wander through the Hallowed Halls, in the distance laughter echoes my soul and chills my bones. The closer I get the laughter turns to a child's cry I can feel the sorrow and pain! Whatever place is this? I find myself wander this dark & dreary place I feel a tug on my soul as I see a light in the distance and the ever presence of an eerie figure haunting my essences I head towards the light I am chased by this immortal figure. I have no weapons to defend myself from this threat! Ever closer he approaches I stumble for my very life through the dark, heading nervously towards the light the ever seemingly creatures that hide under children's beds race to be the first to taste my flesh!!!! I approach the light I hear rustling and screams behind me getting closer! As I reach for the doorknob the sounds are at my back my hand on the doorknob and as I begin to turn the knob, the sounds are gone as fast as they came!  What lies beyond the door with the light that beckons me? I open the door the sound behind me seems to stop as if it was never there! I open the door to what feels like sanctuary from this dark place to reveal a child's room full of toys and stuffed animals! I enter the room and close the door only to be haunted by the scratching and howling from the other side! I stand with the door closed behind me the scratching and banging from the other side! I see long fingers reach under the door as if they could reach me! The door splinters in fear , hinges stress from the pressure of the dark! This creature from under my bed speaks!!!! I tremble like a child afraid of the dark! It says in a grisly haunting voice "My Child Come Out and play!!!!" I don't answer as I am frozen in fear! The voice grows louder and more intense! "MY CHILD COME OUT AND PLAY!!!" The voice grows ever more and more disturbing! I put my ear to the door just as my skin begins to touch the wood the door shakes in anger and the voice screams "COME OUT TO PLAY CHILD FOR I AM GRIMM THE NIGHTMARES OF CHILDREN'S PAST, PRESENT AND FUTURE NIGHTS! I'M THE DARKNESS UNDER THIER BED THE BREATH STEALER FROM WITHIN THEIR CLOSETS!! I AM THE CRY THAT CAN'T BE HEARD! I AM THE PARENTS SLEEPLESS NIGHTS!          So please Open     the    DOOOOOR!!!!!!!!!"The door crumbles to the floor and Grimm bursts in!   A tall dark figure with wide menacing eyes, a long chin and a month full of sharp teeth like those of a dragon!   Is staring at me!
Grimm speaks, "I came to your house but your parents weren't home for me to feed on! Where my dear are your parents?"
Victoria "I have no parents!"
Grimm grins in amazement "Ah no parents! Well my dear take my hand and you can join me here. I will make you my Queen and you will rule by my side! My world will all be yours!!! Come child take my hand." As I move my hand towards Grimm's to accept his offering I hesitate! I stare at his wrinkly pale hand with long black nails and I draw my hand back in fear. This angers Grimm "TAKE MY HAND NOW GIRL!!!" He then lunges towards me! I reach for my dagger and swing wildly slicing off his left hand! Grimm screams in writhing pain! His agony echoes through his world!!! Ash and smoke fall from his wound!!! I run away as fast as I am able. As I run I stumble through what looks to be discarded bones and flesh of what seems to be past parents meals! Grimm slowly following behind me! I am grabbed and pulled into a dimly lit room just as Grimm passes by me slumped over holding to his wound!
My eyes focus I see a creature much like a Chimera, part human ,part animal and part something else! This small diminutive being explains Grimm's dark past & what lies ahead! Will he help me escape back into my own world or will he lead me back to Grimm's presence??
While I listen to the story of Grimm's ancient past his wailing and moaning thrive with each step he takes in his search for me!  Darr (the diminutive being) explains that Grimm is a centuries old Fairytale that parents told to children, but as the years passed , with each interpretation the stories become more twisted, muddled and Dark. Over time he has become the children's nightmares and the monster under the bed. He is now seeking revenge on those responsible! Stealing the children for his own and taking pleasure eating the parents one by one then using their bones as toothpicks to remove the flesh from his teeth! Grimm yells in his grisly voice "Victoria why have you Forsaken me??" I ask Darr Can he be destroyed?   (To be continued)





George Adamek 2/25/16

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