Heaven Fighter Angelon Chapter 4



A mysterious stone is discovered by German scientist and is made public. What is it? Can it solve all the world's problems? You just have to read to find out.

Chapter 4


The cool April weather hit the city of Leipzig, Germany. The people bustled through the streets, tending to their daily lives. Although there weren’t many tourists, they seemed eager to take photos of famous landmarks, like the Leipzig Opera House and the Zum Arabischen Coffe Baum. But on the outskirts of Leipzig, the air was colder, more evil.

There was a large brick and metal building three stories high with three large rectangular windows on each side and a large metal door. Despite its bland appearance, inside was a different story.

Sci-fi writers would be inspired just by its view. Inside, many experiments were being conducted, even some deemed illegal. Scientists bustled through the building, working on the latest cure for diseases or a new type of military weapon. However, there was a small group of scientists working on something that the world was not ready for.



James sat in his American History class bored out of his mind. It wasn’t that History was boring: the professor made it feel that way. James covered his mouth as he let out a huge yawn. Suddenly, something caught his eye. He looked to his left and saw a young girl sitting by the window. She had tan skin, green eyes, and long brown hair. She wore a tight pink t-shirt with a red heart on it, blue bootcut jeans, and white sneakers.

Was she always in my class?

James couldn’t stop staring. There was something about her that intrigued him. She looked at James for a moment, made a face, and quickly looked back at the professor.

James frowned. Rude much…

The professor looked at his watch. “Well class, that’s all I got time for today. Remember, your essay is due next week.”

The students quickly jumped up and headed towards the door. As James followed the crowd, he saw the young girl inching towards him. He quickly found an opening through the crowd and waited for her near the stairs. Minutes later, they both stood face-to-face.

“Is there something you want from me?” the young girl asked.

“N-no,” James answered nervously. “I-I just never knew you were in my class.”

James got a good look at her and quickly realized how pretty she was. He could see she had curves in all the right places, having the J-Lo-type body.

“Yes, I take American History with Professor Sternberg. Are you stalking me or something?”

“What?! No way!” answered James, waving his hands frantically. “I wouldn’t stalk you. I mean, not because you’re pretty, but because it’s not my thing.”

The young girl glared at him. “Just keep your eyes to yourself.”

The young girl walked off. James breathed a sigh of relief.



University Center was a large building where everyone hung out. Rohan sat in the cafeteria listening to two of his Biology classmates argue about today’s lesson.

“I’m telling you, Professor Riche could’ve touched the Darwinism subject,” said the young man.

“Darwinism isn’t everything,” replied the older man. “The Creation story is what needs to be taught.”

“You can’t prove that the Earth was created in seven days.”

“And man wasn’t created from monkeys.”

Rohan sighed. This wasn’t a good way to clear his head.

“Hey, Rohan, whatcha think?” asked the young man.

“Well…” Rohan started.

“Well, what?” asked the older man.

“Well…uh…both…” Rohan answered shyly.

“Both?!” exclaimed the young and older man in unison.

Suddenly, his morpher went off. The ringtone wasn’t recognizable to him, but he quickly covered his morpher.

“I gotta go,” Rohan said as he got out of his seat.

Rohan dashed out the cafeteria and found an isolated area to hide. He looked around once more before he answered.

“Yes, God?”

“It’s me, Mihr.”

“Oh. What’s up?”

“Take a look at this.”

Instantly, the screen lit up and projected a mini screen on a nearby wall. The screen showed news reporters speaking live with four scientists in a conference room.

“Stacy Dorrey, from BCD News,” one of the reporters said. “Is it true you guys discovered a modern day Philosopher’s Stone?”

“Yes, we did,” answered the female scientist. “This stone has the power to create miracles. We have called this stone, Jezebel’s Heart, named after yours truly.”

Jezebel Hart was a pretty woman in her thirties. She had long dirty blonde hair, blue eyes, and pale skin. Although she was wearing a lab coat, she wore a grey blouse and black skirt that stopped at her knees.

“Dan Riddick from FX-5 News,” replied another reporter. “What do you mean by miracles?”

“Jezebel’s Heart has proven to cure diseases, power up cities, and is stronger than steel,” answered one of the male scientists. “I, Demitri Duloff, have seen these results.”

Demitri was a tall man in his late thirties. He had short black hair, dark brown eyes, and tan skin. He wore a slim cut black turtleneck with matching slacks.

All of the reporters fell silent. Even Rohan couldn’t believe his ears. Suddenly, one of the other male scientists spoke.

“Umm, I know it’s hard to believe, but we have some footage of our research,” he said shyly.

“Mister Ulrich Stantohope?” asked one of the reporters. “Hi, I’m Terry Freeman from CN-45 News. You guys actually have footage that is viewable for the public?”

“Yes, we do,” Ulrich answered as he prepared the video.

Ulrich was the second tallest of the group and was in his twenties. He had short brown hair, dark brown eyes, and peach skin. He wore a blue t-shirt and blue jeans underneath his lab coat.

Ulrich turned off the lights and hit the play button on the remote. The screen lit up and began to play the footage. The reporters’ eyes widened as they watched a terminally ill patient spring back to life, a lightless town shine bright through the hilly terrain, and a C4 explosive fail to destroy a small piece of the blood red stone.

“See what I mean,” Mihr said to Rohan as the conference continued.

“That’s insane,” Rohan replied. “Where’d they find it?”

“According to our data, it was found outside of Leipzig, Germany. The stone itself is made from Astaniobigerlanthanum, a compound found only in Heaven.”


Mihr sighed. “Astaniobigerlanthanum. That large stone was made by God’s trusted scientist, Raziel. He is known for inspiring mortals to accept the mysteries of life. The stone is actually called The Lamb and contains a small fraction of the blood of Jesus Christ. However, no one reported the stone missing a chunk. How did this large piece get to Earth?”

Suddenly, the last scientist spoke. He looked a little odd and was the oldest one in the group. He had stringy grey hair on the sides and back, dark brown eyes, and dirty skin. His nose was long and pointy and his lab coat was covered in stains. He wore an old puke green sweater with khaki slacks.

“This stone is the proof that God doesn’t exist. You’ve seen the video. You Christians believe your God heals and saves. Ha, rubbish! He was never there. You all made Him up! Just like we found evidence of that Jesus guy, we have solved the mystery of God.”

Rohan clenched his fist and gnashed his teeth. He had heard enough. Rohan quickly turned off the screen.

“That guy is Samson Yolvinich,” Mihr said. “He’s an Atheist, who’s dedicated his life to disproving God.”

“I know there’s people out there like him, but I just can’t stand it,” Rohan replied. “Anyway, did you get in contact with James?”

“No, he isn’t answering.”

“What in the world is he doing? His class was done twenty minutes ago. He was supposed to meet me in the cafeteria.”

“It seems he’s nearby.”


“He’s crossing the street from where Library North and South are.”

“Thanks, Mihr,” Rohan said. “I’ll take it from here.”

Rohan hung up and quickly headed toward the front of University Center.



James pondered on the young girl he just met. Something about her intrigued him, but he couldn’t put his finger on it. Suddenly, he heard someone calling him. He looked around, but couldn’t pinpoint it. Then, Rohan appeared and approached him. Before Rohan spoke, he signaled James to go to a private area. Rohan looked around and then spoke.

“Where were you?” Rohan asked. “Mihr tried to call you.”

“He did?” James asked. “When?”

“Uh, twenty minutes ago. Didn’t you hear your morpher go off?”

“Is that what that noise was? I didn’t get the ringtone, did you?”

“Focus, James,” Rohan replied angrily. “Why didn’t you answer?”

“I…umm…got yelled at by a really cute girl…” James answered with a shrug and goofy grin.

Rohan covered his face. James knew that meant he was displeased.

“Look, there’s something about that girl that I can’t shake off,” James said. “She’s in my American History class and…”

“That’s enough, James. Mihr showed me a live feed of a press conference, where four scientists found a modern day Philosopher’s Stone.”

“What?! For real?”

“Mihr told me that the stone is actually called The Lamb and contains a small fraction of Jesus’ blood. Somehow, these four scientists found a huge chunk and are now claiming it their own.”

“Wow,” James replied. “So, what do we do?”

“For now, we wait,” Rohan answered.

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