From the 2nd book, Namazu heads to Luna.



Excerpt from "1962, The Tayamni Armada," Erish finds out about her future abduction.

Namazu looked towards the front windows of the bridge, tossing auburn braids of hair behind her shoulder. Her brows furrowed, she struck a hieroglyphic control on the console with a stabbing motion.

“Finally,” she sighed, as data from sensors at Venus and the Jovian moons scrolled down her screen. “50 ships at Sol 2,” shouted.  

“Just call it Venus,” Erish responded. “They must be protecting something.”

Namazu looked at her friend, narrowing her eyes. Amun had just advised her to call the planets, Sol 01, Sol 02, etcetera. Earth would be Sol 03. Looking down at the console, she continued, “A ship?”

“In the asteroid?” Erish asked

“Why not? Supplies, logistics,” Namazu responded, examining the spherical map. “Storage. For weapons?” She moved her forefinger up to the map and continued, “Ten ships on the move. Headed to the Earth-Sol corridor.”

“The Tiamatu can guard the passageway,” Erish suggested.

Namazu nodded, and pressed hieroglyphs on the console, sending a message to the Tiamatu commander, Agu. Looking back up at Erish, she continued, “Don’t know if I trust him.”

“E5 trusts him,” Erish responded. “Good enough for me.”

Changing the subject, Namazu offered, “We know the Tlalocs have 140 ships. Where the hell are they?”

Erish shook her head.

Namazu sighed, “Hope it’s not too late.”

A new message appeared on the display. “Damn,” Namazu winced and stood.

“What?” Erish asked loudly.

Namazu turned to face her, “They want those moons.”

Looking at the message Namazu just received, Erish read aloud, “40 ships at Jupiter.”

“Can’t get there in time,” Namazu shouted. She pressed a hieroglyphic shape on the console, “Abandon Jovian Portal,” she directed.

Looking at Erish, she continued, “They can’t do much with it. Maybe send messages. Only a skeleton crew there.”

Erish sighed, pointed at the display, “The Potacas have ships at Ganymede, Europa, Calisto. Those are the ones they want, rare minerals, water, fuel.” She looked at the sphere. “We should move ships there.”

The Jovian Temporal-Portal at Io monitored changes in the timeline. Tayamni who travelled through time frequently, had an almost physical response to changes. The more you traveled, the more sensitive you became. They developed a sixth sense. Many could sense changes this new war would bring. Erish already called it, the Second Tlaloc War.

“No Enkara?” Namazu asked.

“On their way. That’s what I heard hours ago,” Erish sighed, looking at the display.

“OK,” Namazu said, her lips pressed against each other. “I’ll head to Luna Station on the Lahamu,” she turned around, looking at the bridge of Erish’s ship. She saw two Tiamatu watching a display near the front window. Down below, at a weapons console, was a slight looking Chava.

“We don’t want you at the Solar-Portal,” she said touching a hieroglyphic shape.

“Why?” Erish asked.

Namazu considered telling her about her future abduction. Before she could deflect, Erish saw something pass across Namazu’s thoughts.

“What?” she asked again moving closer.

Namazu sent the information telepathically.

Erish drew her brows together and looked down at the floor. Then, looking back up into her friend’s face, she continued, “On the other hand, knowing beforehand, makes it more likely that I will defeat them,” Erish offered.

“Out of the question,” Namazu responded.

Erish’s face flushed red, “You forget who I am.”

“I know who you are, and I love you, so forget it,” Namazu responded, turning around to walk back to the transporter.

“You no longer have faith in me,” Erish demanded.

Namazu stopped. She was looking at the elevator doors to her left. She turned around and walked back to her. “I can’t allow it. It has been foretold. How could I live with it?”

“You make me feel weak.”

This was the worst thing she could have said. Namazu knew, in her place, she would have felt the same. She never should have brought it up.

“I should have ordered you somewhere else,” she murmured.

“If I don’t guard the portal, who will?”

Namazu looked to the side; then looked up into her face. “One of the allies.”

“They don’t know the Potacas like we do.”

“I can’t let you.”

“May I choose who will?”

Erish stood closer to her. They looked at each other for almost a full minute.

Namazu nodded, “I don’t want you anywhere near the Portal itself. Hang back. Defend it at a distance.” She rubbed her hands together, and turned to go. “I’ll take the Lahamu to Luna within the hour,” she announced.

They both knew the dangers presented by time travelling technology falling into the hands of the enemy. The Tlalocs would be able to go to ancient times and take Earth before defenses were in place. Could this be why they felt changes in the timeline already?

 Reaching the elevator, Namazu turned back, “You better take care of my ship,” she tried to laugh, realizing she had relented. Erish would guard the Solar Portal.

Another message appeared on the display, reading, “Suspected logistics containers stored at asteroid belt.”

“What about some good news for a change?” Erish yelled at the console.  

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