The "Hole"Pt. 1



An introduction to the least loved spot in Honduras by armed forces everywhere. Short Preview

The “Hole” was a soldier's worst nightmare. Every soldier and police officer (regardless of nation they represented) stationed in Tegucigalpa knew it was. It was a pitch-black… dot that had somehow appeared where the Basilica of the Virgin of Suyapa had once been located. According to the “adventurers” who had been recruited to go into the “Hole”, if you ventured far enough inside you could find parts of the Basilica scattered throughout the interior of the “Hole”. But there was a reason every soldier and police officer assigned to shifts at the “Hole” hated it. The place was seemingly a breeding-ground for monsters.


Depending on the specific soldier or cop, the creatures that came out of the “Hole” weren’t representative of “monsters”, but rather low-intelligence creatures of unidentified origin (a C.U.O.), because the younger soldiers and police officers were being trained to respect (on some level) the idea that inhuman and once-human members of society were capable of being productive, and occasionally super-productive, members of society rather than just mindless beasts, or “people” undeserving of respect and dignity. Older soldiers and police officers tended to disrespect this idea, having a level of prejudice towards anyone who qualified as “non-human” from their rather inconsistent definition of concepts like “humanity” and “human race” due to the general reactions of people in the wake of 2015’s devastating re-awakening of non-humans.


Of course, inside the “Hole” feelings didn’t really matter. Which was why the very human U.S. police officer Joey Hinson was currently with the Lycanthropic Honduran police-trainee Yajaira Delgado on an early morning shift, even if they couldn’t tell within the “Hole”. The two of them sat inside of a warm facility, just inside of the “Hole”.

They were monitoring two separate screens which displayed the “Hole”, and the area closeby. The “Hole” was a basically a tar-pit, but it was vertical. At least on this side. From outside it looked like a hole on the floor, and required that someone jump in, or drop in, whereas from this side it was entirely possible for someone to just walk through and appear on the other side, next to it instead of “from” it. When people entered the “Hole” from the outside, they appeared on the tar, but found that it had mysteriously solidified.

A/N: Another short piece, but I like to post previews of greater works and universes. What do you think?   


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