Journals of a Psychopath



Angry with women who have silvery blonde hair, Clarkson punishes them, because of his mother.

The Segregation Cell

Bathing the Lady Flarice with scented oils and I particularly attended to her honeyed-part. Revealing the bridal gown and the silver stars embroidered into the fabric with the silver thread enhanced the robe I was gratified with the creation.
      “I will lift her tresses,” Smithson said.
Pinning her hair up and Lady Flarice was unparalleled. The wedding ceremony drew near and our animation increased, Lady Flarice was bewildered. Principally created for the rite the chain mailed Knights garb was intricate. Gripping the sword and the silver shield, narration about our journey was engraved into the silver it was exciting.
      “Are you ready to take Lady Flarice as your bride?”
      “I am more than primed.”
He conducted the ritual he was an excellent officiator, it was as solemn as the ritual naming her Lady Flarice. Gawping at the diamond-encrusted wedding band I slipped it onto Lady Flarice's finger, her hand trembled as she fitted an identical ring on my huge manly one, and she blushed. The wedding feast Smithson had prepared dainty appetizing, he produced fresh salmon and strawberries, and I recalled Sir Richard, as he teased her with the strawberries. Flaring up and I tossed the strawberries on the floor, I ordered him to acquire something else from the kitchen. The Lady Flarice picked up a strawberry and was ready to put it in her mouth, but I snatched it from her. Smithson returned with fruit minus the strawberries and he diced the fruit. He then began to clean the strawberries off the floor. Smithson took some photographs, I scowled at the camera lens, and we were a handsome couple.
Ushering my bride in the marital-chamber Lady Flarice was terrified, and the bed was ready she was surprised, because I presented her with a gift. She clasped the box gingerly, she opened it, and she quivered, peeking in the box Alexia’s eye peered back, Lady Flarice lobbed the box.
      “You are evil.”
Alexia's vision-sphere tumbled from the container and rolled onto the concrete. Lifting the bridal robe, the Lady Flarice bound from the room. Smithson chased her and he brought Lady Flarice back. Pulling her from him and I carried her into the chamber, I tossed her on the four-poster, the springs squashed and sprang back.
      “Father she is exquisite.”
I elevated the hem of her garment, and I saw my goal it was my victory. Kissing the Lady Flarice’s woman-place and my orgasm was incredible.

Mother’s House

      “Why did you leave me? It was difficult, because your mother is in a strange mood.”
Mother grabbed Jolenson and she cradled the baby she crooned to her. Seizing Jolenson from mother's arms, I arranged Jolenson on the couch. Pouncing on mother, she was astonished, Jolenson scrutinized, as I throttled mother.
      “Smithson your father could slay his mother if you do not stop him.”
She was fraught, he knew better than to interrupt one of my rages, and Smithson was inert, he observed countless tirades, taken the brunt on various occasions.
      “Stop it,” Elaina said.
She tried to pull my hands from mother's throat. Somehow, Elaina got through to me, and I comprehended that if I killed mother the purifying would be in danger.
Slumping and mother's skull banged against the rocking chair, directing her vista-disks to me, the hate I expected to see in mother's eyes not apparent. Mother shook and the sobs wrenched from mother's frame, I was surprised to see that, but I comprehended she was playing a game.
      “Your mother does not deserve that kind of treatment.”
      “Oh, yeah how did you work that one out?”
Uplifting my sweater and the scars where mother stabbed me could be plainly seen, Elaina was shocked, her eyes darted to me and then to mother. Mother had stopped crying and I knew she was trying to gain Elaina’s sympathy, by the look on Elaina’s face she succeeded.
      “Smithson and I are leaving are you coming?”
      “No, I want to make sure your mother is alright.”
Elaina did not understand the treachery she enacted, mother looked at me, and delight was in her eyes, Elaina went to mother, as we rushed out of the door.

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