My son has started lucid dreaming and asked me to write a short adventure filled with his fantastic stories from his dream states. A child's imagination is truly limitless or has he really visited the Aoutis?

Well we all wait; the Maileks are grouped 300 meters on the left, semi invisible against the failing light. We the Angala, stand weapons ready awaiting the return of Lucid, our soon to be savour.

Who are we?

Where are we?

With the rise of quantum physics on your planet you might say we are In-Between. In-Between the gaps in time and space, a secret place where you dreamers sometimes venture: The Aoutis.

We the Angala have always fought the Maileks, a demonic force who regularly cross over, silently invading dream states, conquering the resident’s soul through incredible fear and feasting upon the transmitted frequencies fear produces.

 Have you ever been so scared you are temporary frozen?

That’s the Maileks, demons from here trying to steal a portion of your life's soul.

You only have so much you know, 3452biuts so our elders tell us.

We all are waiting for the last battle, a new Lucid has broken through the lines of Maileks to join us, oh how he fought, majestic, effortless oh such a warrior: the scene where surrounded by the Maileks and he suddenly propelled himself upwards like a tornado and Muliak, their leader stared in awe and commanded his entourage to, “Get my wings!”

How we all prayed he would survive, Lucid, our savour, our instigator in the ageless battle with the Maileks.

He says he’s from Earth, a tiny planet with a moon?

How we laughed as he told us he’s only school age, school age with such powers!

The night the Maileks fought him was a tipping point in power, we now have a hero, a fearless warrior, a magician, and sorcerer. Our Lucid.

He says he inherited his gifts from his grandmother an old voodoo priestess from somewhere called Africa, who cares for tonight we settle for the last time.

The Angala are ready, we are ten thousand strong against the Maileks, ten thousand against demonic beings but light will triumph.

Our Lucid will be the point of the spear, we will stop the Maileks transgressing the In-Between and feasting upon the poor unknowing souls in your realms and beyond.

They must be stopped.

The darkness is here, the Lucid must be asleep and preparing to come through the Gates of the Shimmer, the sky is obsidian. The electricity has started to gather, he comes.

The Maileks, black,eyeless shadow creatures with hooked teeth and covered in small weeping sores are bunching together.

We will win.

He comes. “Too battle!”

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