Grandpa Smiles



Oil paintings illustrate this paperback book about a grandpa (my dad, who died from cancer when he was 37 and I was 16 — long before my son was born) who watches over his grandson (my son, who is now 18) over the course of his life. See me paint the art, fast 1-hour sessions sped up for video.

The baby sleeps.

Grandpa smiles.

The toddler creeps.

Grandpa flutters by.

The child leaps.

Grandpa helps.

One day, the boy was ill.

Grandpa smiled brighter still.

Spring, summer, winter and fall

Grandpa smiled through them all.

Grandpa’s smile was full of love

Sent from his home, up above.

The boy wondered what they’d say,

When the two will meet one day.

Until then, the boy had much to do.

He lived his life. He grew and grew.

But he was never alone, for he always knew

That he loved Grandpa

And Grandpa loved him too!

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