Dark Space: Chapter's 3-5



In deep space, the crew of the commercial starship MOYA is awakened from their hyper-sleep capsules halfway through their journey home to investigate a distress call from an alien vessel on an unknown planet. Terror starts to unfold as one of the aliens gets a hold of the ship and takes off each cre

Chapter 3

"The fuck was that!" Carter yelled the moment he saw Kit and Stacy heading towards the medical chamber.


"When I give you a fucking order, you abide by them!" Carter fumed as he got near Kit's presence. Kit didn’t react to his Captain yelling in his face. For all the years that he’s worked with him, Carter has been known to have a short temper and lose it every now and then.


Kit looked up at Carter and gave him his signature brooding expression.


“You know I was following protocol…anything from an indigenous planet has to go through quarantine” his nostrils started to flair as he felt his anger rising from his body.


“I was doing my fucking job!” Kit spat as Carter stepped closer to Kit’s face. Stacy stepped in-between the two men to stop them from having an all-out brawl in the ships corridor.


“Would you two stop arguing! What happened to Ryan?” Both men gave each other a stare down as Stacy tugged at Kit’s arm to make him walk in the direction of the medical room.  Carter looked at Stacy and gave her the same glare.


“Carter, what happened to Ryan back there?” Stacy asked, this time her voice was etched.


“He…He wandered off into one of the chambers without us, when we found him, he had that thing wrapped around his helmet” Carter looked bitterly at Stacy and started to head over inside the medics room.


Once inside the medic’s chamber, James was already in his medical uniform and was examining Ryan's body that was laid out on the hovering projection pod. Stacy stayed behind the medic’s lab and looked through the opened view window worriedly. Carter hurriedly went into one of the closets and took out the extra medical uniforms, Kit on the other hand put on one of the surgical masks and gloves. He was still fuming from his earlier argument with Carter. Both agitated men walked over to the pod table.


"James talk to me, how's he doing?" Carter asked. James looked at him through his surgical mask and goggles.


"He's stable, the creature seems to be keeping him alive" James said.


"Also it appears that the creature’s tentacles has wrapped around his torso and is giving him some type of lesions" James lifted Ryan's left arm to show Kit and Carter exactly what he was talking about. The lesions on his side were bruised and swollen red. Kit looked closely and found that every other tentacle suction cups had sharp teeth like claws that was embedded in his skin.


"Can you get this bloody thing off of him?" Kit asked looking at James.


"I'm afraid if I try to pry this thing off his face, it would cut off his life support and risk the possibility that he might die" Carter gave out a frustrated sigh.


"Well we have to try something!" Carter balked at James.



"At least try and remove one of the tentacles off his body" Kit suggested.


"It’s digging into his body and doesn't look comfortable...let's just remove those and see how he responds" James nodded at Kit's suggestion and proceeded to take out the surgical supplies. Carter stepped closer to the pod table while Kit took a couple of steps back. Since he wasn't wearing any proper medical clothing, he couldn't be too close to the body.


James walked back over to the pod table with all the surgical supplies and proceeded to talk through what he was about to do.


"I'm taking one of the long tentacles and I am going to cut through its skin to see if it can be removed". James took hold of the creature’s tentacles and proceeded to cut its slimy and translucent skin. Just as he started to cut, Ryan's blood pressure and heart rate started to rise.


"Stop! It's doing something to him!" Kit said stepping forward. Just then the creature grew an extra tentacle from its main body that was latched on to Ryan’s face, but its suction cups were much sharper than the previous ones. It whipped and lashed about almost hitting everyone in the room that was near the pod table. Everyone jumped in surprise and stepped back. It wrapped its slimy arm around Ryan's leg and started giving him deep suction gashes that made him bleed. But the moment it latched on to his skin, the blood stared to seep back into the tentacles suction cup.


"The fuck..." Carter whispered in hush horror. Ryan's vital signs went back to normal as the creatures grip started to loosen and suck up the remaining blood.


"That thing is not coming off of him..." James said calmly. Almost too calmly for Kit's better liking.


"I think the best thing to do is put him in the stasis pod and come back to see if we can find a different way to get this fucking thing off of him" Carter said frustrated, he took off his mask and walked out of the room. Carter hurriedly walked passed Stacy as she still had a worried look on her face.


Kit slowly took off his mask and walked closer to James that was calmly putting his surgical supplies away and prepping Ryan for the stasis pod.


"Can you do me a favor?" Kit asked looking at James. James turned to him to give Kit his full attention.


"Can you try and get blood from this creature and run some test to see what type of organism this is" James nodded his head and turned back to what he was doing. Kit walked out the room and saw Stacy with a concerned look.


"Kit... you okay?" she quietly asked as she walked towards him and placed her hands on his chest. She can feel his heart hammering in his chest.


“Yea, I’m okay” Kit said and pulled her in closer into a tight embrace. He slowly let go of Stacy; he took her hand and slowly walked her away from the medic’s window and walked her towards the corridor ladders.


Leading the way, Kit helped Stacy back to the hyper sleep chamber. The walk over was quite as Stacy was in her own mind. Thinking of what just conspired, hoping that Ryan would be okay.


"What the hell is that thing?" Stacy finally mustered up to speak. They already entered the sleep chamber room and Kit proceeded to close the door. Both Stacy and Kit sat down in one of the empty space pods and sat facing each other. They were close to each other but all Kit needed was Stacy’s deep brown eyes and soft ebony skin to touch.


"I don't know...I'm having James take samples to see what the hell that thing is" Kit said caressing her arm. Her skin was soft and warm and Kit loved the feel of it.


“I just hope where safe with that thing on this ship…” Stacy said looking at her hands.


“You understand why I couldn’t let them back on the ship…don’t you?” Kit asked with a worried voice. Stacy looked up into Kit’s brown eyes and saw a hint of trouble written all over his expression.


“Kit…you were following protocol…you shouldn’t feel sorry…you were worried about the crew and…don’t doubt yourself…” Stacy grabbed one of Kit’s hands and slowly started to caress his fingers. Kit fully looked into Stacy’s eyes and he could slowly feel his nerves and shock easing away. Kit moved closer in the pod and leaned forward and planted a small but gentle kiss to Stacy’s ample lips.

Stacy moaned the moment she felt his lips touch hers. She slowly put her hands through his dark curly hair and sighs deeply into his warm mouth. Both pulled each other into a close embrace as there kiss grew hotter and deeper for each other.


Kit slowly laid Stacy on her back and started to kiss her exposed neck. Stacy let out a soft moan as she felt Kit’s hands travel up her white tank top and cup one of her breast. Stacy let her hands travel through his hair as he slowly started kissing his way down her neck and gently lifted her tank to expose her breast and excited nipples. He took a harden nipple into his mouth and started to gently suck and nibble on the harden peaks. Stacy bit her lip from moaning to loud and took more of Kit’s dark hair into her hands.


Kit came back up and slowly licking and kissing his way back up until he reached her full lips. Both moaned into each other’s mouths as Kit pressed him-self closer to Stacy’s body. They slowly started to peel off their clothes one by one until there bodies were completely exposed to each other and along the way they touched and grabbed at each other.  Kit grabbed hold of Stacy’s waist and switched positions so he was now lying on his back and she was on top and was straddling his waist. Her eyes never left his as she could feel his hard member rubbing at her soaked entrance. She locked his lips with his as she started to do small but gently compress her hips and grind up against his aching cock. He moaned feverishly into her mouth as he felt this pressure and he couldn’t take the torture much longer.


He aligned his throbbing cock against her entrance and hastily put himself inside her. Stacy breathlessly made a soft gasp as she felt Kit move his cock deep inside her. She bent deeper to Kit's face and captured his flushed lips.


He moaned Stacy's name into here warm mouth and felt her take control of her movements. She sat up and started to grind slowly and passionately down on his hard member. Kit gripped her hips and closed his eyes to the sensation of Stacy riding him. He could feel himself nearing his end as he felt her inner walls tightened around his aching cock.


Kit grabbed Stacy by her waist and laid her down on her back. He thrusted into her warm body intensely as he was ready to cum for her.


"Fuck..." Kit moaned as he pulled out of her and came all over her belly and thighs. He stroked himself while still hovering over her trembling body. Stacy was trying to catch her breath and she was ready to get up, even though she didn't get to cum herself. Just then he laid her back down and spreads open her legs again. He bent down towards her ear and gently started to breathe in her ear and take in her scent.


"I'm not done yet..." he said as he started to rub over her moist clit in a small circler motion. She felt the pressure of his fingertips against her swollen nub and she could feel her self-unraveling into his hands.


"Oh...yes..." She let out a deep moan as she held on to Kit’s broad arms and she felt her orgasm rippling through out her body. They both panted and held each other close. They slowly lay down in the exposed pod beds and they silently drifted off to sleep.



“Kit! Stacy! Report to the Medical Chamber immediately!” The booming voice of their captain rang out through the pod chamber and startled Kit and Stacy from there deep sleep. They quickly got dressed and ran out from the chamber and headed straight towards the medical room in a quick haste. Just as they arrived into the room, they found there captain standing in one side of the room while James was looking under the pod table where Ryan laid still.


Kit looked at Ryan’s stiff body to find that the living organism that was on his face and chest, somehow was gone…




Chapter 4

"What do you mean it just fell off?!" Stacy looked at James with bewilderment. James got up from his spot on the floor and looked his second in command warrant officer with a calm expression.


"I went to go get some extra supplies from the wreck room” he said


“Kit asked me to do some extra test and I needed more supplies" James walked behind Stacy to the medical pod bed where Ryan was still laying unconscious and continued his story.


"When I came back into the room, the creature was gone from Ryan's face” Stacy and Kit walked over to Ryan’s stilled body. Stacy looked at Kit with worry in her eyes but Kit didn’t notice as he was looking over Ryan’s lifeless form.


“Ryan's vital signs are normal, he's still alive but the creature is nowhere to be found" Both Kit and Stacy turned to look at James with a bewilderment expression.


"You mean to tell me that this thing is up and loose in the ship!?" Kit's voice boomed in the room.


"Calm the fuck down Kit!” Carter balked at his Warrant Officer with an equal amount of volume in his voice. Kit wasn’t going to have any of his Captain’s temper or his enraged attitude. Kit stepped up into Carter’s face and gave him a cold steel look. He was about to say something vial to his Captain until Stacy came up from behind Kit and went in between the two hot headed men.


"Kit don't!" Stacy went right in front of her boyfriend and put her hands on his chest. She could feel his heart pounding in his chest. She looked up at him, to find that he was still giving there Captain a deathly glare.


"You two have to calm the hell down!" Stacy said trying to push Kit back away from the Captain's face. But Kit didn't budge as Carter kept his death stare at Kit. This was nothing new, for these two men always had some sort of respected hatred for each other. But right now, Kit was fuming which he should feel rightfully so.


"If you would of fucking listened and done the quarantine in the fucking first place, which you know, was protocol...we wouldn't be having that fucking thing lose in this ship" Kit's accent became deep and heavy with anger as he spoke and his voice rising.


"Back the fuck off Kit!" Carter demanded as he stood in his place.


"Would you two stop it!?" Stacy raised her voice over the heated tension between the two men. Both Kit and Carter stepped back from each other, just enough to give each other some personal space. Carter's icy blue eyes kept his death glare on Kit but Kit looked down at Stacy's angered face.


"This isn't going to help us find out what happened to that thing that was on Ryan's face..." Stacy looked Kit in the eyes; she saw his expression starting to soften a bit. Stacy let go of Kit's chest and looked between the both men that was standing in front of her.


"Look for what we know, Ryan is still alive but now we have to find this creature and contain it before it gets lost anywhere else on the ship" Now both the men were looking at Stacy as she spoke.


"It couldn't have gotten far...me and Kit will look in the break room that is next door, Captain you and James can keep looking here and check on Ryan...okay?" Both Kit and Carter looked back at each other and gave one another a second dirty stare down.


"Okay?!" Stacy tried to bring back there attention. Kit looked down at Stacy and nodded his head in understanding before turning around angrily and heading towards the door. Stacy looked on as Kit walked away; she knew Kit would be angry for the remainder of the day. He had a hard time letting things go whenever he got into an argument. Stacy turned around and looked at her Captain.


"Please check up on Ryan and make sure he is okay" Stacy was ready to turn around and head out the door way when her Captain called out to her.


"You better keep your boyfriend in check" This statement made Stacy freeze in her place. 'Does he know?' She thought to herself. She didn't want to alarm her Captain of his statement that he just made. The last thing she needed with the current situation was for him to be suspicious of her and Kit dating. That could lead to extra problems she didn’t need at the moment. She just turned to look at her Captain who was still visibly angry.


"Will do Captain..."




"You have to learn to control your temper" Stacy stated as she came into the break room to find Kit looking under a desk in the middle of the room. He didn't turn to look at her. The room was partially lit. The only light that came into the room was from the enormous window that looked out into deep space and the galaxy stars gave the room a soft glow.


"I understand what he did was wrong but you acting like that do not help the problem it just makes it worse" Kit moved from under the desk and headed over to the other side of the room and not answering his girlfriend.


"Kit are you fucking listening to me?" Stacy spat out.


"I hear you" Kit said coolly as he grabbed a flashlight from a nearby table. He turned on the flashlight and started looking around in the dim corners of the room. Stacy annoyingly went around the table where he was standing and stood right in front of him.


"I don't give a shit if you’re still mad, you can't keep acting like that!" Kit looked up from where he was looking at gazed at his frustrated girlfriend. Even with her annoyed with him, she still looked beautiful to him. Her deep curls were pulled back into a messy ponytail and her deep brown eyes stared intently into Kit’s and it only softened Kit’s heart. To try and lighten the mood and her attitude he lifted his flashlight to Stacy's face only to further her annoyances with him as she was blinded by the light.


"Kit stop it! I'm serious!" She raised her voice only to have Kit chuckle uncontrollably, his laughter was so contagious that Stacy started to smile but she really wanted to keep her seriousness with him. Just then there was a rustling sound coming from behind Stacy. The couple turned their attention to the sound that was coming from the far corner of the room.


"Get behind me..." Kit said as he took Stacy by the arm and brought her behind him. Kit slowly walked over to the dark corner where the suspicious noise came from. There was nothing but dim blackness and the silhouette of the chairs and tables that were in the corner of the room. Just as he walked closer to the corner, something quick and dark jump out from the empty corner and landed on Kit's chest.


"Fuck!" Kit yelled as he fell backwards. Stacy screeched as well as Kit fell to the ground. She ran up to Kit on the floor and watch as the gloomy figure scurried away.


Kit took his flashlight from the floor and pointed at the direction of where the moving figure went. The light shown over the alien and its long tentacles as it slowly started to move from the corner of the room. The grey and blue creature twitched and stopped in its place. The alien’s exterior body started to shrink and wither into a lumped ball. Green and dark blue ooze came out from its body and started to spread on the floor. Kit and Stacy watched as they were still on the floor. The alien’s liquid substance started to bubble and disintegrate the floor underneath it. Kit got up from the ground and helped Stacy up from her spot. They both walked slowly up to the now withered creature’s body. They stopped just close to it and gave it a further look. Stacy covered her mouth as the stench that came from its body was vial.


"Go get the Captain" Kit said calmly and softly. Stacy walked backwards to the door and turned to make a sprint to the medical room to get there Captain.




"What the hell is all of that?" Daniel asked as he looked on at the sight that was before him. Everyone was now in the supply room looking at the alien creature in the far corner. Kit, Stacy and Daniel stood back as James, Rick, Carter and Chiana examined the unknown alien.


The creature was now shrunk into a messy ball. It was blobby and its ooze of blood disintegrated right through the floor.


"Shit! It's going through the floor" Rick quickly said as he ran out the room.


"What? What's wrong?" Stacy asked as she looked at Rick running out the room and Daniel falling not too far behind.


"Fuck...its blood is going to land in the engine room..." Carter stated as he rushed out the room. Kit and Stacy followed behind Carter as they descended down the narrow corridor and exited down a long ladder to the next level of the MOYA ship. Everyone started looking up at the ceiling to see where the alien’s blood dripped through. Daniel and Rick were already at the end were the creatures blood stopped dripping from the top of the engine rooms roof. Rick grabbed a pen from his pocket and moved the object over the liquid substance.


"That shit is acid man..."Daniel said as he looked at Rick’s pen disintegrating in front of their eyes. Kit and Stacy glanced at each other as Carter stepped forward and carefully took the pen from Rick.


"Okay...from the looks of it, it’s dead and can't do much harm now" Carter gave the pen back to Rick. Rick had a confused expression written on his face as to why his captain gave him back the tainted pen. He knew he could never use it again so why even give it back?


"Stacy, go to James and Chiana and check up on Ryan okay?" Carter commanded more than asking Stacy to do that request. Stacy nodded and walked away from the group to head back to the medical room.


Kit walked closer to the gaping hole that was in the middle of the engine room’s corridor. All of the coils and humming of the computers rang out in the room as Kit was careful not to walk under the hole. Kit stood close to his captain and gave a thoughtful sigh.


"What the hell you think that thing is?" Kit asked in a huff.


"I don't know..." Carter answered in equal parts frustration and worry.


“All I know is...with blood like that, it’s extremely dangerous..."




The cold air hit Ryan's body like a cool ocean wave. All of his senses started coming back to life as he lay on the medical table. Instead of having tentacles wrapped around his body, it was now an oxygen mask and medical suction cups tracking his heart rate and blood pressure.


'Systems anatomy analysis complete’ the computer S.I.S.T.E.R rang out in the medical room. The clicking of the computers indicated that everything was complete and Ryan can get off of the medical bed. Both Chiana and Stacy walked over from the medical computers and helped Ryan get out of the suction cups and help him sit up. His body felt like it was on fire but the room was deathly cold.


"How do you feel?" Stacy asked warmly as she asked warmly as Ryan sat up from the bed.


"I feel alright...I feel a bit light headed but...I think I'll be okay" Stacy gave her ship mate a closer look. His skin looked pale and clammy but he seemed to be alert and aware of his surroundings. Chiana took off the last suction cup from his chest and helped hold his hands.


"I'm going to need you to stand up for me..." Chiana held Ryan's hands firmly as he planted his feet on the floor and finally tried to take his first steps. He seemed wobbly and walking out of place but with the help of Chiana and Stacy, he was able to walk a few feet across the room. Just as he was trying to stay upright, the rest of the ship crew came in to see how Ryan was progressing.


"So, you finally came back from the dead huh?" Daniel joked as he walked up to Ryan's still shaky form. Ryan gave a small chuckle as looked on the rest of his crew.


"We were worried sick about you man!" Rick said with some relief and excitement in his voice.


"No worries...I'll be alright..." Ryan said with a weak smile.


Just as Stacy stepped away from the group to gather up her data of Ryan's health on the hand held tablet that was near the controllers, James came up from behind her and snatched the tablet right out of her hands. Stacy turned to James to give him a perplexed expression.


"Sorry...didn't mean to snatch that out of your hands like that" James went on to say as he placed the tablet on his chest.


"It's that...I pretty much have been on this case since the start...I'll handle all the work on Ryan and the organism myself if that's okay?" James gave Stacy a thoughtful smile. It seemed weird for him to be acting like this Stacy thought as she looked at James.


"Um...Okay sure...if you need any help with anything, just ask" Stacy said warmly.


"Will do..." James replied. He turned on his heels and quickly walked passed the crew members near Ryan and out the medical room in a hurry.




"I can't wait to go home..." Stacy said as she stared to fix her hair in the ships dressing room mirror. Kit watched as she brushed out and teased her thick and curly hair. It was so full of volume that it covered most of her petite face.


"I can't wait either" Kit said as he stood up from one of the benches and walked behind his girlfriend. He wrapped his arms around her small waist and started to kiss her shoulder blade.


"Kit..." she moaned as she felt his warm lips touched her skin.


"What if someone walks in on us?" she quietly asked as she closed her eyes to the feel of Kit touching her body. She had already stopped messing with her hair and let her boyfriend’s hands touch her delicate waist and kiss her warm skin. Kit pushed her hair to the side and started to kiss and softly huff in her ear.


"I can't wait to go home so we can properly be girlfriend and boyfriend..." Stacy smiled at the thought of that. Ever since they have been working on this ship for four years, they never could be able to say they were girlfriend and boyfriend because of the rules that was placed on ship mates dating. Stacy turned to face her lover and planted a small but light kiss.


"Well...I would love to do this now...but we have to get ready before we head back to hyper sleep..." her voice was low, only for her and Kit could hear.


"Hmmm....not until I do this" Kit pushed Stacy up against the full length mirror and started to eagerly undo his pants and help her out of hers. He fully took off her pants and hiked up her body as he aligned his already hard cock inside her already moist entrance. The both breathed and moaned into each other’s mouths as Kit vigorously fucked Stacy up against the mirror. Not caring if anyone decided to walk in on them…




"I don't wanna go back in!" Daniel mockingly grumped like a little small child.


"Well, you don't have much of a choice" Chiana chuckled as she watched Daniel pout some more.


Everyone had just finished eating dinner and was hanging out in the break room. The break room was filled with build in computers and a wet bar on the side of the room. It had plush couches throughout and everyone was lounging around getting ready to head back into the sleep chamber pods and go back to hyper sleep and land back on earth. Chiana looked up as Kit and Stacy walked into the room. They had a slight grin plastered all over their faces and Kit seemed to be a mess as his pants didn’t seem to fit anymore and his underwear were partially showing. There was something about those two that Chiana couldn't place her finger on.


Just as she was about to walk over to Stacy and Kit from across the room, a loud cough rang out into the room. Everyone turned to the noise to find Ryan start to hack and cough loudly.


"Hey man, you okay?" Rick asked as he started patting his friends back.


"I'm fine..." Ryan tries to say as he coughed but his coughing started to get worst. It started to feel like a burning sensation in the back of his throat.  Everyone walked over to Ryan to make sure he was alright, except for the science officer James...


"Ryan… relax..." Kit said trying his best to soothe his ship mate as Ryan started to hyperventilate and cough at the same time. Carter came around to one of his sides as Kit and Rick held his arms as he was starting to wheeze and cough up blood.  Just then Ryan started to double over in pain as he fell to the ground on his knees. Everyone stepped back from him as they started to hear crackling sounds coming from his body and he did a cross between yelling and coughing as he started to feel his insides twist and turn. Blood started dripping from his nose and eyes as he gurgled and cry in pain. Both Stacy and Chiana screamed in horror as they witness Ryan's body snap and combust into three different parts. His abdomen was ripped into two as his head and shoulder blades were ripped apart and Ryan’s insides were flying out in all directions. His blood landed on the floor and nearby walls and on everyone’s clothing and face. The one with the brunt in of the splash was Kit and the Captain.  What started to come out of Ryan's body was the same creature that latched on to his body, but it now had long arms and a crippling face that matched between a praying mantis and a deformed bug as it was covered in Ryan's own blood. Everyone looked on in horror as the creature finally came out of Ryan's body and ran past the group, up the wall and busted into the vents of the ship...




Chapter 5


Stacy clenched to Kit's arm as she tried to hold back the hot tears that were trying to stream down her face. She swallowed a lump in her throat as she watched her ship mates cover Ryan Hynge's hyper pod casket with reefs of flowers. They were in the main docking corridor as they held a small funeral for Ryan. Everyone stepped back from the casket as Chiana opened one of the revolving latches to open the pad locked doors and ejected the casket into the open and dark outer space.


Much wasn't said for the rest of the day by the crew as they all mourned in their own separate ways. Kit never once left Stacy's side as they volunteered to get Ryan's things and put in a separate storage box so once they landed back home; they would be able to give it to his loved ones. Throughout the processes of getting his stuff, Stacy would break down in tears and would have to stop what she was doing. Kit would stand by her and hold her as she started to crumble in her grief. Carter's voice rang out from the intercom for all the crew members to head to the main cargo bay.


Everyone staggered into the openness of the cargo bay and everyone looked defeated and tired, everyone except for Carter; he looked determined and his serious expression alerted the other crew members.


"Alright guys, I know right now where still mourning the loss of Ryan..." he said as he looked down at his feet and started to kick some pebbles around but then he brought his attention back to the crew members.


"But we need to talk about this fucking creature that's in our ship" Chiana looked at her Captain with an equal amounts of fear and tiredness.


"James...can you please tell us what we're dealing with?" Carter asked looking at his science officer. Everyone brought their attention to James as he sat on one of the crates in the far end of the room. He shifted on his crate as his stocky figure hovered where he was sitting.


"From the collection of data that I took from the creature, it needs a host organism in order for it to reproduce" James looked on at his crew members.


"The cells in its "blood" starts to multiply as it generates the DNA from its host...from the looks of what happened to Ryan, his DNA helped the creature morph from his body and grow at an alarming rate..."


"You mean to tell me that thing is still growing?" Stacy asked as she sat by Kit in disbelief.


"Yes...it seems it can still grow once it exists from its host" Everyone's expression changed from pure exhaustion and grief, to alertness and fear. Carter stepped in the middle of the group; he stood up straight and looked at his crew members.


"With that said, we have to quickly find this thing before it starts to grow and bigger than what it is"


"How do suggest we do that? Kit asked as he folded his arms across his chest.


"We have our motion trackers we can detect the creature...we have some netting and flamethrowers we could push the creature in one of the air locks and blast it into space"


"Why can't we just shoot the fucking thing?" Daniel asked in a frustrated voice.


"Didn't you see its fucking blood?!" Carter boomed in annoyance.


"If we shoot the thing you run the risk of its blood hitting one of the main wiring to the ship" Kit chimed in. Daniel looked around the room and kept silent for the rest of the meeting.


"Now, I need everyone to start getting the equipment’s and meet back here in about 30 minutes so we can come up with a plan to get this fucker off our ship" everyone started to move from there spots and headed to the destinations of their perspective equipment’s that they need to capture the creature. Everyone left the room except for James, who sat by and watched as everyone existed the room one by one.




The creature thrashed and banged about in one of the main ventilation systems. Its body started to crack and seethed as it started to crawl from the floor to the ceiling. Its’s legs and arms started to ooze as it clawed on the walls.


 Its bulging dark eyes blinked wildly as it screeched and withered in pain. Ripping and moist tearing rippled through the room as the creature started too slowly but achingly molt from its former body. Its eyes bolted out of its former sockets and out came a new set of bugged eyes and frame. It was now slowly out of its former body as it now donned a new set of beetle like clawed fangs.  Its arms were now bulky and it had a new set of tentacles clawing from its back side. The creature stood on its high legs and was now tall enough to reach the ceiling of the open ventilation system.


It’s stiff but sensitive body started to rumble as it screeched into the open air and took off from its spot leaving behind it’s molted body.

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