A Moon's Perspective



All for a moment in time, we are there living a life while the moon is a planet away.

A wolf howls at the moon, and licks their offspring. An insane and bewildered man looks at the moon and thinks of chance, while he licks his wounds. A scientist writes down thoughts, theories, and hypothesis of what could be on the dark side of the moon. A child, points in discovery, of what his undeveloped mind looks at as he ponders with no factual identification. "Moon!" No matter the time and no matter the place, the moon and space for that matter gives a subjective view, a view that has no context or persuasion. Full to a crescent there's not a remnant, rhyme nor a reason. May it just be. An all engrossing feeling, of punitive distinctions. All enticing to discover, what is already subconsciously discovered. All is within, and not all will come out.

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