To The Red Line (Chapter 11:His Reasoning)



DEEP inside theKingdom of the Spirits’ Castle, a soundproof training chamber was located deep in the underground basement. Currently, the chamber was being occupied by the young Spirit Prince, Prince Makai. Makai wore a plain white sleevele...

DEEP inside theKingdom of the Spirits’ Castle, a soundproof training chamber was located deep in the underground basement.

Currently, the chamber was being occupied by the young Spirit Prince, Prince Makai.

Makai wore a plain white sleeveless sport vest and had his long maroon hair tied up in a high ponytail, as he busily trained for days.

Three days had long passed since he had returned from his little ‘visit’ to the Human World. Three whole days since his last encountered with his estranged long lost twin sister.

Their meeting had not went exactly as he had planned unfortunately. If any, it had left him more shame as he had been forced to return home empty-handed and had to endure his step-mother’s nagging, as well as her snickered comments of his fruitless attempt to bring the Princess back home.

Ever since then, Prince Makai had locked himself in the training chamber, and had been training non-stopped for days. He’d released all of his bottled-up anger and tensions to the unfortunate dummies.

Occasionally, his men were forced to join him, against their wills, sparred with him and suffered his wrath.

A loud heavily breathing echoed in the chamber. Torn-out dummies were left at the corners of the room, while the young Prince sat on the ground. He took a good look at his bruised knuckles.

All the sudden, as if he just realised how exhausted and beaten up his body was, Makai fell on his back and panting heavily. He groaned at the muscle pains now started to creep in.

His body had finally reached to its limit, yet, Makai kept on pushing himself beyond the limits until his body couldn’t take it any more and gave up.

Makai shut his eyes, and listened to his own rapid heartbeat as he calmed himself down. Eventually, his breathing grew softer.

The Spirit Prince was so close of falling to sleep, had it wasn’t for the familiar scent standing behind the door that instantly shook him.

Knock. Knock.

The door was opened and immediately greeted by the sight of a handsome, older male Spirit. He had a fit and bulky body wrapped underneath the traditional Cevalier’s armour. His long silver was tied in high ponytail. His piecing and narrowed golden eyes stared at the lying figure at the middle of the room.

The older Spirit walked several steps further until he reached just before the Prince laid his head on the floor.

“I’ve been searching all over for you, Your Highness.”

Makai didn’t bother to open his eyes. He knew exactly who it was based from his scent and deep grouchy voice belonged to.

“What do you want, Leo?”

“My, Your Highness.” Leo grew a smirk. “It is, after all, my duty to clean after what mess you’ve caused by yourself this time?”

Leo smiled innocently.

“See, you should have waited for me to go to the Human World. When you came back from there three days ago, looking as if you’d wanted to kill everyone, I’d thought I simply let you cool down for a short while until you’ve calmed down before I approach you and ask what had happened in the Human Realm.”

Makai groaned tiredly. Just by thinking about that incident upset him. He groaned, and eventually, he decided to get up when his stomach made a loud growl.

Deep chuckles came from the older Spirit had caused the young Prince to frown with light embarrassment due to the loud growling of his own tummy.

The Prince glared embarrassingly at the older Spirit. “It’s not funny.”

“It is to me, Your Highness.” Leo offered his hands to help the Prince get on his feet, in which he’d accepted gladly.

Once he was on his feet, Makai questioned his Guardian again.

“What brings you here?”

Leo tossed the small clean towel on the hanging stand at the Prince.

“It’s better if we talk somewhere else. You never know just who might be listening to us.” He whispered lowly, while eyeing sharply at the sliding chamber’s door.

Silently nodded, the Prince headed out of the training chamber, followed by his guardian.

The two of them were heading to the one place that they sure no one would be listening to their talks — the Prince’s Secret Chamber.

The Secret Chamber, located behind the castle, was inside the old abandoned manor where the Prince had lived whole of his childhood life there.

The Chamber had actually been the Prince’s old chamber, now turned into his private study room and a small library.

It was the only room that no one had ever entered as the manor had been long abandoned since that night of the Great War.

The other thing was that the Prince had put a sort of spell — a barrier — with an access codes on the manor that only he and Leo knew of.

“Is the coast clear?”

Leo kept watchful eyes behind them as they stood in front of the manor.


Nodding his head, the Spirit Prince reached for his head at the invisible barrier and began to key in the codes. In less than a second, the barrier disappeared and the two entered.

Once they entered, the barrier was once again surrounded the place.

“What a hassle. I still can’t believe we have to come over all the way here just to have a discussion!”

“It can’t be helped, Prince. Her Royal Highness the Queen has put you on a close watch by them. We have to be discreet and not let them hear us.”

Makai scoffed. “Figures it’d be that old wrench’s idea. Who are those people again?”

“From what I’ve gathered, they are a group of mercenaries that called themselves ‘The Orders’ whom the Queen had under her wings secretly for years, doing her biddings. However, it is only recently that she introduced them as her own personal bodyguards.”

“Personal bodyguards, my arse. It’s not like she could goes anywhere outside of the castle anyway! She doesn’t need damn bodyguards!”

“Understood that,Prince. Now, let’s not waste our time while we still have it. Let’s get straight to the point here — indeed that there is no denying the Queen is up to something no good, just as we have already suspected. Thus, in order for us to stop her from achieving whatever plan that she’s planning, you went to the Human Realm using the lead that you have in order to bring back your long lost sister. Correct? Tell me what had happened while you were in the Human Realm, Prince? I’ve heard bits here and there, though. And none of them are pleasant to the ears.”

Makai tsked at his comment and looked away. His knuckles were turning white as he clenched and unclenched his fists.

Taking a deep breath, he finally spoke.

“Things had not turned out the way I’d expected them to be.”

“Well, there’s not exactly a surprise there is it, Prince? What do you expect? You haven’t seen her for, like, ten years now? Surely you don’t expect her to just-”

“That’s not what I MEANT!” Makai angrily shouted at him.

“The way she had looked at me — as if she doesn’t even recognized her own flesh and blood! No matter how long one hasn’t seen their family, one does not simply forget their faces!”


Makai clenched his teeth. “You and I both knew, that if it wasn’t because that old wrench planning to take over the two Realms, I wouldn’t have had to go over there and seek her in the first place!”

Deep emerald eyes darkened, filled rage and hatred.

“I hate her, Reza. With every single fibre of my beings for what she had caused to me, what she’d done to this family. My family. The fact that I can’t do anything about it, changing how it goes in this Kingdom isfrustratingme. I knew there is no way, not in hundred, or million years that I would be accepted by the society as nothing more than just the ‘Cursed Prince’ — the one whom they all have said should have kidnapped by those filthy humans and died instead of their beloved Princess.I don’t mind their crude comments about me, mainly because they are still my people and this is my Kingdom. The Castle and the lands are all mine. They’re my home. The people are my father and my forefather’s pride, joy and legacy. I should do my part to honour them. I truly believed if I’d work hard enough to prove my worth, someday, they would finally came to see as someone who’s worthy enough to become their Prince — someone who is just good as Father, or even better. When the time has come for the old wrench to finally retired, by then, they would have no choice but to accept me as their King. That’s why I am willing to stay here and do nothing but to deal with her everyday torture against me. If only she hadn’t mentioned anything that idiotic plans to take over both Realms, I wouldn’t be this rebellious against her!”

Makai’s hard fists landed on the hard study wooden table.

Leo watched in silence as the young Prince continuously ventured his angers on the table. Indeed, that had been the case.

One night, the Queen had summoned both of them to the Audience Chamber to talk about her plans about conquering the two Realms.

No doubt they both had been in great shock when she proposed about the plans. Makai had been the one who greatly protested the idea.

His reason had been rational and simple — by conquering both Realms, not only it would be an endless raging wars with the humans, but it would also cause the Nature of the Cosmo of those two to be completely off-balance!

It hadn’t been until a few months ago, when Makai had just returned from one of his Princely duty, and had been on his way toward his private chamber when he’d came across a group of unknown people of wearing black hooded capes, with their face covered with a mask, walked out of the Audience Chamber.

Curious of what business they had with the Queen, Makai had discretely followed them. He had followed them into depth of the forest at the back of the castle when they’d suddenly stopped.

Makai watched curiously as he hid behind one of the tall Pine trees. Wandering why they had suddenly stopped moving.

Until his eyes fell on something hidden by the dirt ground and some wild bushes. Something had suddenly lightened up in front of them.

Before Makai could made up of anything something else unbelievable had happened right before his very eyes that night — a portal had been activated!

Not just any portal. It was the portal that linked to the Red Line!

Makai had watched with widened eyes and an opened mouth, as the mysterious group had entered the portal and disappeared quickly before he had the chance to confront them.

The Spirit Prince had swore and clenched his teeth. His head had filled with many unpleasant thoughts that had eventually led him to one thing: the Human Realm.

That old wrench’s really planning to take over both Realms after all!

After he had countlessly times tried to talk her out of that foolish idea endless.

Even back then, he had been on his way to see her and to once again tried and convinced her to drop that foolish idea of conquering both worlds.

Yet, it seemed that all of his efforts had fell down in the drain.

Why? Was it because he was the Fallen Prince? Were he words so insignificant and meaningless to other people that they shouldn’t care to listen to him at all? Those thoughts alone had made Makai’s blood boiled.


Lifting his head up, the Spirit Prince had made up his mind. If he couldn’t stop Reza from achieving her idiotic and foolish goals, then the only way for him to stop her was to get rid of her.

Of course, he wasn’t going to kill her senselessly.

No matter how much Makai had wished he had enough courage to kill her after all the harsh treatments she’d given him over the years, even he knew he wasn’t a cold-hearted and merciless bastard.

Few things that his beloved father had taught him when he was young were:

One, you should not be controlled by desire and blood-lust alone to kill an enemy.

Two, never ever kills an enemy who surrenders.

And finally, never kills an enemy without a solid reason behind his action unless stated otherwise.

With those in mind, Makai had decided that the best way for him to get rid of the Queen was to have her stepped down from the throne.

By rights, the throne should be inherited by the Princess after death of the King. However, because the Princess had been assumed dead by the hands of the humans, and as the only male member of the Royal Family, Makai was not obligated to inherit the throne.

Thus, when his father had died, it went to his step-mother instead.

Because Reza had no child of her own, the senators had suggested for the current Queen to get remarried and produced a new heir to the throne.

However, the Queen had declined of the offers and suggestions from the senators to get married due to a personal issue.

When asked what it was, she had refused to answer.

Makai took a seat on the chair. he had finally calmed down after venturing so much bottled up angers. He’d thought carefully — if he could bring back his sister home and let her rightfully to take over the throne, they could easily banished the Queen right away from the kingdom and their lives forever.

“Prince,” Leo’s gentle voice broke shook Makai from his thoughts.

“No matter what happens, I will always stand beside you. If you wish to fight for the throne, I’ll fight alongside with you. I’ve told you once, remember? That if it hadn’t been for the late King Ferid’s kindness, I would have already be dead long time ago. I’d owned him my soul and life for everything that he’d done for me. Hence, I’m offering the same loyalty and services to you and only you, Your Highness.”

Makai looked up to his Guardian, the only person he’d placed his trust and life on ever since the death of his beloved King and his family being torn apart. Even so, it had taken him a long time to be able to trust the man — regardless of him had been his father’s closest companion and his once favourite “uncle” after the betrayal.

The Prince got off from the chair, and walked toward the glassed window. He gazed at the Midnight blue sky; the view of the town and everything that surrounding his beloved Kingdom.

Makai had a dream.

He dreamt of inheriting the throne not because he wanted power, but because he wanted desperately to help his people and those who had suffered under the Queen. He knew his Kingdom desperately needed help. That was why he’s determined to do whatever it takes to help. By will or by force, he would restore the Kingdom back to its former glory. Or even better than previously.

Makai swore those words on his beloved parents’ souls.

“There’s something that’s being bothering me about that worthless human man that my sister had befriended with. I need a confirmation on him before I could begin my plan. Something is very suspicious about him. I want you to do a background check. Could you do that for me?”

“As you wish, Prince.”

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