Stairway to heaven.

  Nearly a year has gone by. I'm walking the same path through the park you and I walked. Seeing the park bench I sit, wrapping my arms around me to keep out the chill.The days are drawing in again. I can smell autumn in the air: the darker days are drawing near. I watch the birds fly high in the sky, heading south.

  The leaves are once again covering the ground, undisturbed this time. I remember us strolling our way through their autumn's golden gown. How long does it last this ache I feel inside? I look up to the heavens. Rain falls softly as if to hide a lonely tear...Was it real? Did I see you in my dreams...? Or was it a dream...? No, I don't believe it was...

  You d693a4e88f28824b49ad3d583af67e91met me when I felt myself slipping away from this life into the uncontrollable force lifting my soul and floating high on the wings of angels to a place where I wanted to stay forever, free from physical and mental pain.

  And then I saw you. You came to me, but you wouldn't let me stay.You told me that I had to go back: that it wasn't my time.

  "But I want to stay 'ere with you. Don't make me go back," I had begged. I woke with a gasp. My body was so cold. Wrapping the duvet around me, I began to cry. I thought my heart would burst with the sight of you coming down the stairway from heaven. I knew then, my love, that we would one day meet again... The sound of giggling children interrupts my thoughts watching them kick their way through the fallen leaves with not a care in the world. How wonderful it would be to stay forever young. Growing up can be so scary.

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