He Should Have Given Me a Divorce



What some people will do to get even can be drastic to say the least.

She had wanted to end things with dignity. She had wanted them to end on her terms. She had deserved that but he hadn’t allowed it. He had done everything he could to stop the divorce. It didn’t matter that he was the one who had been caught messing around. He was still messing around.
Rita stood up and went to the kitchen to wash her hands and get herself a drink. It was hard not knowing what to do from this point on. He had made everything so damn hard. Well she would make him pay for it.
Rita hoped she had gotten everything right. She knew it was iffy but she had done the research. Oh not on any computer in her home but in libraries and random places throughout the city. It hadn’t been easy but she had bought what she had begun to think of as throw away computers at pawn shops and online. She had managed to never use her own name and had set up several false profiles on the internet. Was it perfect? Of course not, no crime every really was, but if you were careful enough, diligent enough, and did everything you could to get it right you might get lucky. That was what she was hoping for here.
Going back into the bedroom she lay down next to her husband. She didn’t bother to look at him and she knew she wouldn’t disturb him. Hell nothing was going to disturb him.
She had positioned his laptop on the nightstand on his side of the bed. It was important that it be seen as soon as possible. Taking a deep breath Rita picked up his hand with the gun resting in it. She positioned the gun and his hand next to her head and slipped her thumb into the guard of the trigger over his index finger. Lifting the gun slightly she fired the gun letting the bullet pass over her and hitting the wall just past her.
Now came the tricky part. She had to do the next shot in a way that the gun would fall back and land next to his body making it look like he had shot himself. This had been the hardest part, doing the research on how guns might fall when a person shot themselves. She had to get this one just right.
She looked around the room to make sure she hadn’t forgotten anything then positioned herself so she was facing her husband. She had faked a fall earlier to give her an opportunity to scratch the dead bastard lying next to her so his blood and skin was under her nails. She had been walking toward him and he did what she hoped he would and reached out to catch her. Rita had taken that moment to reach out and drag her nails down his forearms.
Rita picked his hand up again and pointed the gun at the center of her forehead. Placing both hands on the gun so there would be blow back on both she took one last deep breath and just before pulling the trigger the last thing she thought was I hope this works.

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