Guardians of the Earth



Chapter One Truth Hurts: This is about Nightmare finding out what she is and they hope she will become. Not the full chapter, will post the rest in two days.

Truth Hurts
I got out of my jeep that mom and dad bought me, for my
fifteenth birthday and walked right past my dad’s Chevy truck.
Hmm, dad isn’t supposed to be home for another hour, I thought
to myself.Then I looked across the street to say hello to Mrs.
Gonzales who was always out at this time watering her roses.
And I stopped dead in my tracks. We have company and no one
told me.Well, isn’t that just like mom and dad to leave me out, I
thought as I kept walking, and went inside.
“Mom, I’m home. What’s dad doing home so early?”
“We have guests here to see you. Come into the kitchen,”
mom said from the hallway leading to the back of the house,
so I laid my pack down, picked up my mail off the hall table,
and went into the kitchen.
My dad stood up when I walked into the room. “Honey,
you remember Doctor Alex and this is Mr. RedWings and
Mr. Hawk Skyrunner. They are here to tell you about what
is going on with you.” I really didn’t think they could tell me
anything, but my parents told me never to be rude so I went
and sat between mom and dad to listen to what they had to
say. As I sat, I looked at both men just to see who I was dealing
with and to see if my eyes were playing tricks on me.
I looked first at Mr. Skyrunner. He had golden brown
eyes, like the color of wheat when the sun is coming up. His
hair was cut short and shaggy; the color was like wheat one
minute, gold the next. You really couldn’t tell what color it
was because it just kept changing when he moved. The one
thing I could tell about his hair was he had highlights just like
me and they were red, brown, and tan. He wore a long black
coat that went down his 7’4” frame over a red tank and black
pants with black and red boots. He looked mean but when he
smiled, that all went away and when he spoke, well, I bet every
woman on earth would just stop and listen to that beautiful
Irish accent. Mr. Skyrunner looked like a male model-biker
who could walk down the street and every women would just
stop and stare.
Then there was Mr. RedWings. He wore his hair long and
in a braid, but even then you couldn’t hide the colors in it.
Brown was the main, but red, gold, and white striped it all
the way down his back where it laid just below his belt. His
eyes were the color of liquid gold. He never smiled at me, but
looking at my mother, she was thinking his lips where the
perfect shape to nibble on. His skin was the color of red clay,
he reminded me of a Native American, a very nice looking
one. He also wore a long black coat that stopped just above his
shoes and he too was tall, not as tall as Hawk, I think he stood
7’2”. I couldn’t really tell, he never stood up long enough for
me to really get a good idea about how tall he was. I just know
he wasn’t as tall as Hawk, because he didn’t sit as tall as Hawk
did in the chair. But it was his outfit that stood out, it was a
button down dark blue silk shirt by the looks of it, black dress
paints, and a pair of black loafers. Mr. RedWings dressed like
a lawyer, but I’m betting he isn’t one by the way his eyes were
always looking around, like he was waiting for something to
happen. “Nightmare, my name is RedWings, as your father
just told you. We were told by Dr. Alex that you just turned
sixteen and are going through some changes. Is that right?”
“Yes, that’s right,” I said.
“Well, can you tell us in your own words what these changes
are and when they started?”
I looked at my parents who both nodded at me to go ahead,
then at my doctor to see what he was thinking. He just smiled
at me. “Okay, well, if my parents think you can help me then
I guess I’ll tell you.”
“Go ahead, Night. They’ve been here awhile telling us
about others like you and I really think they can help,” my
father said, smiling that smile that always told me everything
was okay.
“I was just done with my last lap in P.E. and I was standing
by my locker getting my stuff together to take a shower when
I heard some people talking a few lockers down. I knew their
voices and by the sound of it they were up to something, so
I decided to listen in and sure enough I was right.ey were
planning on pranking the new girl Lucy. I knew I had to tell
someone or do something about it but I didn’t know what I
could do. I decided that in order to figure on what best to do I
would have to listen in so I gathered up my things to take my
shower and instead of walking down then around the other
side of the lockers from them I went straight down towards
them. As I started towards them I noticed the talking had
stopped and I knew I wouldn’t get their plan so I just walked
faster before they could say something to make me mad and
blow up like they normally try to do with me. I had just
walked by two of the girls when I heard one say she is such a
freaking noisy b——, why can’t she mind her own business?
I wasn’t going to say anything they had called me worse so I
just kept walking. Then I heard one of them say that if I would
just die and go away it would make the world a better place
because it was one less freak in it and that’s when I lost it, I
turned around and told her that I was put on this planet just
so I could bug her and if she thought I was such a freak then
she should just pretend that I wasn’t even around. She had a
confused look on her face and she so kindly informed me that
it was hard to pretend that something wasn’t around when
they start talking about things they didn’t hear. I just looked
at her like she was crazy and she told me that she hadn’t even
said anything she was just thinking to herself. Of course I
didn’t believe her but I wasn’t going to cause a fight so I just
kept walking, took my shower and told the P.E. coach about
what they were planning to do.”
“Is that the only time you thought you had overheard
someone when they weren’t talking aloud, when they said they
were just thinking something?” Red asked.
“No, you just asked me about the first time it happened and
I told you.”
“Well if you would, we need to hear about any time it
happened, so we get a better idea about your so-called abilities.”
Rolling my eyes, I went on. “The next time was when I
was going over my notes for our history test we were having
that day. I finished all of my homework, so I wanted to just go
over what I might not remember. As I was sitting there, our
teacher just walked in talking about big wigs and not xing
things in our school like the copy machine. I was so overjoyed
at the thought of no test that I didn’t realize his lips weren’t
moving so I asked if we were having a test that day because
the copy machine was broken. He looked at me in shock and
asked me how I knew it was broken; I just said it was because
he was talking about it as he was coming into class. He just
laughed and said that yes we were having the test and the next
time he was talking aloud when he thought he was thinking
it I should inform him so he doesn’t blurt out something that
shouldn’t be blurted out.”
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