Of Scottish Legends and Ossetian Myths



Breaking the barriers of race, borders, and time.

A Mercenary Lot to Which Came to England

Maybe you thought you were a Brit but it could that you’re not, it could be that you’re a Scot who is of an unlikely stock. The Scots are learning who they are and it seems that they have traveled from afar. These travelers from a foreign land make up a most curious band. This band was a terrifying mercenary lot that came to England for it was lands that they sought. Of legends and leagues much is spoken, of money which was one small token. See I found my ancestors for who I’ve long sought, from here it thickens into a most mysterious plot.

They Came From the East Beyond the Sun

So where do these mysterious people come from, they came from the east beyond the sun.  They came from a land much like Scotland, its people it sheltered among its highland. So why did they leave this land of lore and come upon England’s shore. The real reason may never be known but their true home land they will never disown. See the Scots are a curious lot short and stout, a people who know how to get about.

The Land of Ossetia Pure and Sweet

So where is this land of which I speak, it’s the land of Ossetia pure and sweet. This is the land where King Arthur and his men had their fling; it’s the land of the Dragon King. God have mercy that I would stop here, for it’s about the tales of Merlin, Sir Lancelot and Guinevere. See the origins of these romances, even their very existence come from the Ossetians insistence. Could it be that these great British monoliths have roots in Ossetian myths?

We all Belong to the Big Blue Ball Floating in Space

So why do I bother to tell of this land I adore, it’s to expose the truth and oh so much more. See we all share roots in our ancient past to finally be exposed a last. If we are all bound as one, shouldn’t we all be at peace under the sun? Too where we are born and our last resting place we all belong to the big blue ball floating in space. Of ancient or modern it matters not race, look in the mirror and see your face. Though we all hail from a different place, we all must understand we are saved by grace.

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