Born cusp between Twelfth & Thirteenth August, 1958 two hours past midnight [Ascendant Cancer & Star Punarpusa] in our own house as fourth child in a Vaishnavite Hindu family of mediocre existence, I had five siblings, three sisters and two b...

Born cusp between Twelfth & Thirteenth August, 1958 two hours past midnight [Ascendant Cancer & Star Punarpusa] in our own house as fourth child in a Vaishnavite Hindu family of mediocre existence, I had five siblings, three sisters and two brothers. The premature death of my younger brother in 1964 was a turning point for our family, spiritually. My father took to Advaita Vedanta and the entire family used to attend the ANTHARYOGA of His Holiness Swami Chidbhavananda, Founder of [Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa’s tryst with coins hidden under his bed made a strong impact on me], later the Geeta Gnana Yagnas & the Chinmaya Yuva Kendra of His Holiness Swami Chinmayananda, Founder of and Jiddu Krishnamurti  lectures.

I went to Tamil medium, St. Andrews Primary School, Choolai, Chennai [Gandhiji’s Truth lesson in the 2nd standard inspired me] up to 5th Standard and CSI St. Paul’s High School, Vepery, Chennai up to 11th Standard, where I had first-class-first in the state. Then an year of pre-university course at Madras Christian College unsuccessfully as I took to many an evil. I had attended one year of Diploma in Commerce from Indian Merchants’ Chamber through Davar’s College of Commerce, Chennai where I got first-class-first in India and cleared within a quarter year thereafter the entrance examination of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India and wanted to pursue CA in the United Kingdom that did not fructify due to my father’s intervention and the sponsorship/finance issues.

I had started working alongside my schooling for my father’s Drapery shop from my age 11 [here a chance encounter of my father’s discussion with his mason, for the first time in my life, informed me that man who created buildings himself will not live enough] and earned his trust to the extent that I helped him wipe out all his liabilities which he took for my two elder sisters’ marriages. My father who was very dear to me suddenly died in 1980 when 55 years, of cirrhosis of liver, for a non-alcoholic. I was in to the first year of my articled service for CA then and many a troubles and trifles followed. Family disintegrated, I had to decide my future course and decided in favour of married life.

Upon marriage in 1985, I used to have visions which I recognised to be that of Sri Raghavendra Teertha of Mantralayam in Andhra Pradesh and visited him. I had a successful job, had my elder girl child in 1986 and had another daughter born in 1989, both married now. My spouse was a teacher by profession, was very keen on her job [she gave up an important job to join our working daughters at Gurgaon in 2010] and participated little in upbringing of the children. Though my mother helped us in the task, I felt fathering the children is an important task.  Gave up job after job, been jobless most of the time, changed many houses, went away from Chennai to Jeevashram in Chittoor district of Andhra Pradesh, a school that was run by the alleged Kalki Bhagavan [known as Vijayakumar, then] whose Godhood I questioned first as he decided on premature closure of school in between the academic year and the experience made me search for the real Kalki for which I found answers after visiting Sri Brahmangaru, the Nostradamus of India in Andhra Pradesh in 1995. I shifted base to Chennai, then to Nellore [I lost my mother here in the millennium] and Hyderabad in Andhra Pradesh where I lived for over eight years and lived in Gurgaon, NCR Delhi since 2010.

I am proud to belong to Sanatana Dharma whose large basis is the Bhagavatam. Being a Hindu has given me the maximum liberty in my search for truth. The central idea of trigunas and the synthesis of Karma, Bakthi and Gnana yoga is a boon in Hinduism. I have been able to use my free will to find the key to various basic questions that concerned life and after life by dabbling freely in to other sectarian thoughts like Saivism, Kaumaram, Jainism, Buddhism, Islam, Christianity and a host of others. Entering on atheistic or agnostic thoughts were encouraged by most of my spiritual gurus unlike some religions whose basic tenets forbid entertaining such ideas. There is no separation of evils and demons in Hinduism and hence no guilt in the seeker. Death that is dreaded normally is accepted as a way to replenish the Self, life after life equipping the Jivatman with the required circumstances to achieve whatever he or she desires, both material and spiritual. There is an array of spiritual ends available to me, live longer by performing some kriyas to praise the lord in this very life, attain enlightenment, samadhi, jivanmukti, swarga moksham [life in the hereafter], and nirvikalpa. Do I need anything more to be self sufficient or for the asking ?
Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam is the chief principle on which Sanatana Dharma stands that has offered lasting peace within global humanity. Hinduism does not subscribe to proselytisation concept. Whatever a person gets by birth is the best way of life [religion or sect] according to Hinduism. Yet, whenever a person from other faiths approached a Hindu, the alien has been treated with at most respect and shown the path of salvation without the act of religious conversion all through the history of mankind. Sanatana Dharma humbly boasts of no beginning and no end thereby assuring the mankind of continuity in seeking through the cycle of deaths and births. There is no concept of sinner in Hinduism that leaves a seeker to seek without blocks. By far, the most important contribution of Hinduism is the Advaita Vedanta, Vedas that include physical and occult sciences, Upanishads and the principle of Surrender chiefly through Bakthi.
My stated position on religion in general is that people do need a religion as that provides the framework within which to operate and interact with other individuals of the same faith to empirically arrive at common truths. As such, religion provides intricate details for an essential way of life both as an individual and as a community. If there were not to be religions, world would have been a chaotic place without any order. One’s birth and brought up makes him or her a Hindu. For that matter, a person who has been customarily living the life of a Hindu for a pretty long time is a better Hindu by conviction rather than those following it casually by birth. Hindus, the world over, have on their shoulders the responsibility to establish and regain their lost heritage by living themselves an exemplary life and make Sanatana Dharma an impressionable order of life to emulate. Humanity today is at a never before seen juncture, the dawn of Golden Age on Earth that has begun already and the time for the public appearance of Kalki for Global Peace. It is time to reinvent our own religious beliefs and relevant practices. It is time to find ways to live in peace with Nature, the mother of all religions.
I have recently had an acute respiratory failure in January end this year [2016] requiring ventilation [during which I retained intermittent consciousness despite heavy sedation] and ten days’ in intensive care [the entire sequence of events were foretold in a dream three months earlier]. I was born with primary complex that resulted in frequent seizures till age six and subsequently, I had experienced inexplicable oft repeated bronchitis attacks which baffled my family physician for its indeterminate cause prior to my teens that I literally ignored subsequently during adulthood with my spiritual practices, free from medication. However, medical necessity began with an after midnight bathroom fall in 2008 which I managed with long drawn Ayurvedic/Siddha treatment. Later I used to experience now and then many symptoms of an impending seizure. In 2011, I had disturbing sensation above my SAHASRARA chakra every time I sat in meditation, developed severe chest burns and got conjunctivitis in right eye. The ophthalmologist directed me to general physician who diagnosed among many other smaller ailments, hypertension. But I prevailed and had a Brain scan/MRI done giving rise to discovery of pot sized congenital right retro cerebellar cyst. I experienced complete STILLNESS in the mind often while bodily I underwent the maximum pain and medication in late 2012. As regards my current health, I have defied medical calculations that I will suffer from hypoxia and will require long term oxygen therapy with oxygen saturation [SpO2] level of 96-99 intra day continuously for more than four months now despite harsh summer.
The remaining part of my active life, I shall be dedicating without any expectation of material benefit, to propagate the basic tenets of Sanatana Dharma ONLINE to netizens via Facebook and Twitter for the timebeing.
I sincerely welcome your valuable suggestions to enhance the quality of my service to Humanity and its timing thereof.
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