A fisherman's Tale



This is about the most interesting things one can find if they are not looking for them.

Once there was an old fisherman, he went fishing every morning, but only caught enough for his wife and himself.

One day he was fishing but caught nothing, he was ready to quit when he caught the biggest fish ever.
It was so big it wouldn’t fit in the boat; he was over joyed by his catch; when he hugged the fish he found the fish was a mother expecting babies.

“No this will not do.” The fisherman said.

He returned the fish to the water then continued to fish. The fisherman only caught little fish. After some time he stopped fishing, to have his cup of tea.

Afterwards he fell asleep. The fisherman was unaware that the fish he pushed back into the water was about to pay his kindness. The fisherman slept on. Mermaids helped pushed the little boat over the strong waves until the sea became smooth like glass.

The creatures living there were beautiful iridescent colours. The fisherman woke when his boat hit the beach. He rubbed his eyes in disbelief, he seen starfish of many colours covering the ocean floor in a beautiful rainbow of iridescent colour.

Neon pink and blue jellyfish bobbed around the boat. Bright green sharks swam to and fro. In the distance the fisherman saw something bright yellow leaping in and out of the water. They did this repeatedly, until they came into view.

The fisherman realised they were a school of fish; the curious thing was they just skimmed across the top of the water, with their fins just touching the surface, before going below the surface of the water to breath before returning to the surface again. The fisherman wanted a closer look, he didn’t know he was so close to the edge of the boat, and fell in.

The jellyfish tried in vain to save him but they weren’t strong enough. Neon blue dolphins swam to his aid. Before they could reach him two star whales left their pod; dived into the sea and brought him back to the pod. The fisherman held on tightly. He watched a witch with a magic broom chasing baby stars that didn’t want to be clean. The pod flew past the Milky Way where stars were playing, they past planets that had rings of gold and silver, there was even one that had rings that made a rainbow.

The pod of whales stopped to rest on a planet made out of marshmallows with streams of hot chocolate, the fisherman ate and drank. Then the whales continued on. The fisherman’s eyes held the most beautiful wonders. They passed the witch who was still chasing giggling baby stars who had become dirty playing on the Milky Way, the fisherman smiled.

The whales returned the fisherman to his boat where he fell asleep, sea fairies had made him a kelp blanket to keep him warm; the two big fish took him back to where they first started. When his wife woke him, he told her what had happened, but she didn’t believe him. He showed her the kelp blanket which turned into a shimmering rainbow net before their eyes. His wife was speechless.

The net allowed the fisherman to catch enough fish for his wife and himself. That night after dinner the fisherman went and sat under the night sky and waited to see the star whales, his wife sat beside him and said.

“Husband what are you doing?”

“I’m waiting to see the star whales and the witch with the magic broom.” The fisherman replied.

He told her to watch the night sky which she did and when they seen a new star in the night sky he told his wife.
“See that new star the witch has just caught and cleaned it after it had finished playing in the Milky Way.”

His wife looked at her husband and smiled.

“It’s late lets go to bed.” She said.

As they lay in bed he longed to go back and swim through the night skies with the star whales and baby stars.



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