Journals of a Psychopath



Another sacrifice, poor Amy Lee


Seeing Amy Lee and she had silvery-blonde hair, her bosom was an added bonus, the rest of Amy Lee’s body slim. Staring into her eyes, Amy Lee’s vision-orbs were hazel gold flecks appeared to mingle, seemed to flicker.

Amy Lee's House

Hiding in the bushes and I watched as she bid her folk good night. Amy Lee slept in a ground floor bedroom. I gaped through the gap in the drapes, Amy Lee’s body seamless.
The window was locked, whacking the transparent sheet, Amy Lee opened the blinds and evaluated me, Amy Lee was surprised and I beamed. She unlocked the window.
      “Why are you here?”
Clambering in and jerking her to me, I pressed the gag into Amy Lee’s orifice. Kicking her legs, she was terrified, and it added to the pleasure. If they begged for mercy, it was a bonus. Riding to the isolation chamber, she sat next to me bound and gagged. Arriving, she shuffled up the stairs I had pushed her forward, Amy Lee peered, her sight-orbs were wild.


Sprawling on the divan and Jayne’s hair hung over half her face, her upper limbs were locked behind her head. Sexing with her, Jayne became glossed by a film of sweat, and she and was delighted. Once it was over, she widened her lips, and I began to dress.
      “Where are you off to? Will you come back later?”
Jayne’s desperation was unattractive yet I stomached her need for years.

The Gas Station

Rhea was talking to Harry, she glanced at Pep, suspicion etched in my mind.
      “What mischief have you been up to?” Rheanna asked.
      “Jayne sends her regard.”
Clasping the coffee I prepared and I ventured into the yard, Rhea followed.
      “Is Pep hitting on you? Do you admit he likes you?”
      “Perry does not want me.”
      “I do not believe you.”

Old Jeb

      “What about the women I asked you to look for?”
      “I will let you know when one comes in.”
He could discern my preference and was correct when he selected the women. Banging the flatware, Perry was cranky, and Harry preoccupied, Chadwick was in his usual gloomy mood. Jayne meandered in and she was sultry, it was hard to keep my hands off her body.
      “Hi how is Rhea?”
      “Rheanna is fine.”
      “Fine can mean anything.”
Rubbing her arms in an effort to warm them and then she blew on her hands.
      “Meet with me Clarkson!”
The plea maddened me Jayne just wanted to tie me down.
      “You do not own me and you will be with me when I am ready.”
I investigated her boots the fur trim matched Jayne’s jacket. Striding to the wall, I beckoned to Jayne, and divesting from her outfit, Jayne’s skin glowed in the light from the lamp.
      “This is a bonus,” Jayne said.
Jayne’s need turned me off and stepping back, I stared.
      “What is wrong?”
      “I am needed elsewhere.”

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