Some say a stranger is just a friend you've never met.

Imagine there is no future. You have a lousy life because your lousy job drives you insane. All your earlier efforts trying to get another job have so far not moved you one inch towards a better situation. Therefore you are stuck in that job, which sucks all the energy out of you. The only thing that’s for certain; sooner or later will kill you.

Imagine that someday you receive a letter. A job offer, from one of the companies you liked the most. Can you imagine the feeling inside you? Now you know that your life will improve, you will have colleagues that can give you energy, you can give back by own will, not by demands, and you see the light at the end of the tunnel; you can finally have a life and start to live again.

Imagine you start this new job, but all your new colleagues are hostile towards you. Some say that they managed well before you started and that they’ll probably manage better without you. Some others say that they disagree that you got the job, because there were other candidates that should be listed above you. Some say that the company would be better without you. Even though you try to defend yourself, it is difficult since they’re so many and you’re only one. You start to lose confidence in yourself and soon you can’t see that your life have improved much.

Imagine the opposite; that everybody meets you with curiousness, want to get to know you and tell you that they’re happy to have you on board. That you are exactly what the company need, because you contribute with something they have never had before, and that you will help them create a better future for the company. Everybody wants to show you how to cope with the company culture, and you feel that life couldn’t be better.

Imagine you wake up and realize this was just a dream; you still have your life, sometimes good, sometimes excellent, but also sometimes quite mediocre, and occasionally bad. But still; it’s your life, and you have the ability to change it.

Then imagine, if you in the text above is replaced by a refugee or a migrant.

Imagine how they feel when entering a new country, with hopes for a new and better life, and are met by in-hospitality, skeptics, misbeliefs and even hate.

Can you imagine that?

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