My Life: Through Beyonce gifs



Bipolar. Manic. Depressed. All in One. & Queen B.

First of all,

if I dared to do what Beyonce does,


I’d probably die.

She’s a goddess whom defies the laws of physics,

and I just can’t compete.


Sometimes, something happens…

something so hurtful and cruel,

that it takes my breath away.

HOW can people be SO insensitive,

getting pleasure from the suffering of others?

Was it your intent to destroy that person, completely?

Well, congrats, you nearly succeeded.


Sometimes, I play it cool, like da Queen. ;)

Or… at least I TRY…

if that counts…


“A” for effort, am I right?! ;)


I ‘keep it real’.

I’m just human.

Don’t judge me.


So, life, GET AT ME.

‘Cause, with this powerful woman as my idol,

you can’t take me down. ;)


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