A Gambling Man's Perspective on Love



Love might be a strange thing for a man like myself to ponder from time to time, yet the subject does come to mind whether I like it or not...

Love might be a strange thing for a man like myself to ponder from time to time, yet the subject does come to mind whether I like it or not.

Don't get me wrong here. I think about where to go fishing next, where to camp next, will the Buffalo Bills ever get another chance at a Super Bowl ring, and of course every man's dream; the ever elusive woman who worked her way through law school as a stripper. Nevertheless, after football, fishing, the miniscule chance of ever meeting a topless dancer endowed with a Juris Doctor degree, that damn irrational emotion of falling in love can't help but take front and center stage -- even for a man.

At it's best an objective mind could write volumes covering all of the kinds of stupid things a man will do to keep love, good or not so good, in our lives. And at it's worst, a man spends a fortune just to see if that spark is even there, while a woman already knows it's not from the moment we use the wrong fork at dinner. Talk about an unfair playing field.

If there is something called "a godsend of lunacy", love must surely be it. Only a lunatic touches the red hot burners on the kitchen stove more than once. On the other hand, men are gamblers. For most of us, touching one of those red hot burners yet again, by mere poker odds alone, will finally be the best decision we will have ever made. Yes, we're clueless idiots in that way. So trust in what I say because this is a subject unfortunately I know only too well, and that's just the way it goes.


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