5th episode of the Adventures of Nilstut the Strange


The large kitchen was bright and sunlit.
The Mother busied herself around lunch.
At the back, in the small sewing room, screwdriver and pliers in hand, Nilstut made his efforts to repair Grandpa's radio.

Every so often, he'd test the device and it would air blasts of radio stations from across Europe.
Mother was busy with steaming pots at the stove, sang to herself a song, and as the radio came, she'd louden her voice.

Nilstut busy himself, was called by Mother to arrange the table. He obeyed immediately, getting up and covering the table with a large green towel, then distributing cutlery, glasses and dishes in the designated places.
Then sat down and waited, eventually looking out the window at the flying gulls.

Mother served the soup.
With the smell in the air came Grandpa into the kitchen, sat between Mother and Nilstut and, tying the white cotton napkin round his neck, grasped the spoon and ate his soup very slowly.

Nilstut had his eyes lost in the flight of the birds outside. Mother gave him a slap on the back of the head. He chuckled like a rascal, then swiftly grabbed a corner of the bread, and breaking it, ate his soup, dunking the bread in it, sucking the soup off the bread as his eyes followed outside the flight of the birds, right near Grandpa's keen and attentive looks at him.

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