Newton Town A Series of Dark Tales (1-4 now available)



For those who love horror, shocking twists that slap you in the face and leave you shaking in the corner.

hi all I'm working on a series of 6 stories all set within a town in England called Newton. (Sorry for long post) 4 are available on Amazon now. And are only 99c each
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"Just finished The Engagement. Wow, you really know how to scare the shit out of someone! I'm still reeling from it. I honestly haven't read anything that scary in a very long time."

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Heather Escobedo reviewed The Engagement
Gruesome! May 3, 2016
Creepy and gory tale! Sally, a young girl with a dark past, wants to find love. She finds this with Matt. Now she can have her happily ever after. Or can she? This story is for those who enjoy horror. It will leave you trembling!

The Engagement the first story in the series. Sally is just 18 and studying coputer scinece in college and dating Derek the top basketball player in college.
Derek is capable of something she never expected. One night after beating and leaving her for dead. Sally recovers and now at 25 she meets Matt. The young lovers have been together only 6 months when Matt proposes, Sally asks if he can go out to celebrate their engagement at the club but he has a prior work commitment. Sally and her friends go to the local club and party hard, a group of men join the ladies as the night wares on.
Sally starts to feel strange, the drinks... they have been drugged. Sally awakes in a basement with her friend Amanda, the two are tortured but eventually escape from the basement. When they get up the stairs into the main building they discover the horrific truth about why they was brought there and the sick fate that awaits them.

Room 242 follows Lisa who is the younger sister of Amber from The Engagement. Lisa works at the local Wicca shop in Newton and she has a crush on Justin Dawson. Justin has had a troubled past which he doesnt speak of. Lisa soon finds herself being stalked by Chris. Chris is a true mad man who is broadcasting his murders from his flat on the deep web. You will be thrust into the killers room as he acts out his sadistic murders while being paid bitcoins by his viewers. He plans to make Lisa his next victim but has be bitten off more than he can chew with this victim?

Deep Web is the third story and will be available in 2 weeks. Justin has just lost his job for arguing with his boss because he didnt get paid his overtime for the third week. He retuns to work under cover of darkness and burns his boss's office. returning home believing he has gotten away with it Justin awakes the next day with the police at his parents door asking him to come in for questioning.
a hidden video comes forward exposing Justin as the arsonist, after a short trial he gets away with community service anda fine. during his community service he befriends a group of men who discuss the deep web and a secret show they watch called room 242. Justin is naturally curious and looks at the list of websites they give him to look at. soon Justin finds himself being aroused by the violence he is watching.
How deep will Justin fall into the pit he has created? can he crawl out or is he destined to become a monster like the man he is watching?

Heather's Scar takes us back to the early years of Newton, the year is 1828 and Heather is 15 years old a pregnant. Pregnant by Heremiah a local doctor but also a sick twisted individual. One night Jeremiah, his friends and some nurses break into Heather's parent's home and murder them before setting their real sadistic intentions on Heather. Jeremiah drugs Heather and performs a cesarean, removing the baby just days before the due date. Jeremiah leaves with the baby and his friends leaving the nurses to stitch Heather up. Now 20 years later a tougher Heather has her heart set on revenge. Revenge for her rape but also for the death of her unborn child. Her search lasts several years as she travels around England following his trail of death until she reaches Newton. Could this be the new home of Jeremiah and his friends? Will Heather ever manage to get her revenge?

for those who want just one 99p/99c each

if you want to read all 4 its £2.09/$3

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