From the 1st book, Denny's father plans murder



Denny's father plans murder

Batresh and Jerry watched the display, focused on Denny’s father, Eddie. The beast around him pulsed, darkening to shades of purple. Sitting in his pickup, in his sister’s front yard, he pushed the gas pedal to the floor, slinging gravel behind him. Fishtailing on the loose sand, he was reckless, angry, destructive. “Damn!” he shouted, and struck the steering wheel.

“This could be it,” Batresh offered. “Keep watching. I’ll get dressed.”

Jerry watched Eddie as the pickup spun out on the gravel road. The blood vessels in his neck bulged, his blue eyes discolored against his red face. “Gonna kill ‘em!” he shouted, “…kill ‘em both!”

Jerry shook his head negatively, and whistled low.

“What do you mean this could be it? Where are we goin?” Jerry asked.

“Maybe nowhere,” she focused closely on the screen, “maybe to their house.”

"What do you mean, 'this could be it?'" Jerry asked.

She looked into his face, "We knew there would be an event that could result in the Matriarch's death." She saw confusion in his eyes. "I mean, Denny, the boy, could be killed. I am here to prevent his death." Jerry looked at her with concern, then turned and ran downstairs.

Batresh continued watching the screen. She heard the father’s vehicle speed down the road in front of the house. Passing on the road, he turned sharply to the left, following the curve. Going too fast for the narrow road, the back wheels skidded to the right, slamming the vehicle into the ditch. He slid over the bench seat, striking the passenger side. The pickup was sideways in the road. The force of the impact caused the motor to stall. Clouds of thick dust swirled around the pickup, and inside the cab, sticking to his wet face.

Painfully, he moved slowly back to the driver’s side of the cab, and gripped the steering wheel. He focused on the road, his face red and wet with sweat. His shoulders and upper back, hunched and tense. Batresh saw tears in his eyes. He began shaking, low sobs welled up. The beast around him dimmed. Sobbing heavily, he hit the steering wheel with his fists, whispering, “Kill ‘em!” Then, louder, “Kill ‘em!” Then, shouting, louder and louder, “KILL BOTH OF ‘EM.”

Jerry came back up the stairs and slid his arm around Batresh’s waist. He saw her face creased with worry. He reached over and kissed her.

The father began to scream, his mouth open wide. Loud, long screams, again and again. Jerry looked at Batresh, wondering how they would be able to protect Denny from this mad man.

Slowly, Eddie began to calm himself. He ground his teeth together so harshly, Batresh and Jerry could hear it. Suddenly, the anger in his eyes, grew more calm and determined. His rage lessened. With his hands on the steering wheel, he looked down at his thighs on the seat. When he looked back up at the road, his facial expression was completely changed. In his face, there was no more anger, but a wildness in his eyes. He calmly reached under the steering wheel to the ignition and started the vehicle. He drove out of the ditch seemingly unperturbed.

As he drove down the gravel road, his breathing grew more relaxed. They watched his face transform from a raving psychopath, to tranquility. “He is insane,” Batresh whispered.

Jerry nodded, “The son-of-a-bitch just planned how he’s gonna kill ‘em.”

They continued watching him drive down the gravel road to his house. He pulled into the drive way, and calmly stepped out of the pickup. Batresh switched the sensors to inside the house. Looking out the window, the mother saw him drive up, and motioned for Denny to go back to the bedroom. By now, clouds were thickening in the autumn sky. The mid-day sun grew dimmer.

When the father entered, he smiled coldly at his wife. Her face turned white. She backed away from him. He began to breathe harder, but then, calmed himself, putting on a deadly smile. “We’re goin’ on a trip taday.”

Betsy looked at the air conditioner in the window to her left.  Then, continuing to back away from him, she fell onto the sofa.

“Git that little bastard ready.” He looked at his pickup through the window, then back at his wife. “We’re going ta Pickwick.”

Batresh looked at Jerry. “Do you know where Pickwick is?”

“Up in Tennessee. It’s a dam with a spill way, there’s a lake.”

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