The World of Fairies



A tear jerker fairy tale for all ages! A delightful plot with a twist ending. It's a reading book which should absolutely be in all schools and libraries worldwide.

Anastasia was perhaps the most amazing fairy of her entire mystical race. Why? Within the pages of this book is a gripping captivating tale relating her kind deeds and heroic adventures, which leads to the ultimate selfless act of all, when she discovers a well-kept hidden secret and finally reveals it to all the inhabitants in Fairyland. It's unveiling made her legendary!

Fairies are a unique supernatural species with a diminutive human form. They possess magical powers with which they could intervene in human affairs. They are often mischievous but never malicious. Believing in fairies increases their magical powers and is the only way to have one live with you, near you or to have anything to do with you. They live long and happy lives once they are believed in. Every part of their tiny bodies is packed with magic, love and wonder. However if your belief fades in any way, your fairy will begin to lose magic and must be re-homed.

An excerpt: ... One ordinary day, two male fairies by the names of Jasper and Jaden tended a human garden when a trio of female fairies joined them. Gweneth, Anastasia and Flutterbelle came to help the two boys with this very large, unkempt garden. Suddenly they heard the petitions of a woman inside the house as she sobbed uncontrollably. Curious they went right up to the window and looked in. The lady who stood in the lounge with the palm of her hands held together in an upright manner, was in prayer.
“Please don’t let my only child die. He is only nine years old and has his whole life ahead of him.” She pleaded as she prayed.
The five fairies looked at each other in dismay. They were touched by the distraught mother. Then the mother left the lounge and walked into her son’s bedroom where he laid on the bed. From the outside, all five fairies quickly followed her from the lounge window, to the window of the young child’s bedroom. The brave mother put on a bright cheerful smile and concealed her real feelings.
She asked her son, “Would you like me to read you a story?”
The young boy’s face brightened as he cried excitedly, “Yes please Mom!”
The mother reached for a particular book on the shelf titled, The World of Fairies, opened it and began.
She read, “Once upon a time…”
That evening as Anastasia sat upon her bed in Shimmer Fairy Town, she couldn’t rid herself of the hopeless sad image of that poor mother and her sick boy. This led Anastasia on a journey,a quest which did not turn out as she had expected...


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