The Holidays in Dystopia



A glimpse at the not-so-distant future for most, and the reality of the present for many... (Link to audio reading at the bottom of the page)

I trampled a little over a mile in the cold;
back from the nearby grocery store,
past the abandoned buildings, (and)
over the snow and ice-covered sidewalks.
Carrying my plastic bag of manager’s specials:
stale bread, ends meat, processed cheese,
a box of scary cat food, a carrot and a potato.
This would have to sustain the two of us
for the entire holiday weekend.

The power has long since been turned off.
Good thing I installed the wood stove,
and bought that solar panel to charge
my power pack. There should be just enough
juice to listen to some music by the fire
while he have our holiday dinner.

Haven’t had the internet or a phone or TV
in over a year, so I don’t hear much
from people, or know what’s going on.

I hear the cars go by — the lucky ones
those who found or still have jobs.

I guess I’ll just hope they don’t kick
me out of the house — there are so many
people now who have defaulted on their loans,
I figure it might take months or years
for them to get around to every foreclosure.

Time to bundle up by the fire
and get ready to try and sleep.

Another holiday cold and alone.

What year is it? 2016, 2017 — I can’t recall.


Listen to it in the author's voice
with a soundtrack made especially for the piece:

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