Aftermath. Chapter nine...



One to go before it would have its final victim...

 The thought of Joy getting married was with mixed emotions. Of course I was happy for her but I would be left alone in that dark pit.

One by one the girls left ... two left ... One to go before it would have its final victim all to itself, laughing tempestuously from the shadows, waiting. It would soon have its final victim.

  "Wake up, Diane... Diane, wake up." Joy was shaking me. "Bloody hell I thought t' ghost had come to you then. Are you all right?" She said.

  "I've just had a bad dream, that's all," I said, I could feel the tears coming. It had felt so real. With a clammy hand I wiped away a strand of hair, relieved to wake up with her still beside me. My breathing was erratic.  

  "Wot were yer dreaming about?" Joy asked.

  "Bein up 'ere. It's like its bin waiting all this time," I mumbled.

  "Waitin for wot? Yer not mekkin' sense now. It was just a dream. It's not 'ere. Ere, 'ave a fag. It will calm yer down."

  But it was there. I was sure of that...Lighting up our fags, I managed to pull myself together. Drawing hard on the cigarette, the glow from some car headlights captured my attention as they momentarily gave a stream of light to our darkened room.

  Sitting up, leaning against the wooden headboard, I kept the covers up tight under my chin: I could feel the chill in the air. I didn't speak for a while. I was thinking about the reoccurring nightmare I had had once again. .. The dreams I had before waking me up in a panic, had all come true. I was dreaming about things before they happened. Was this what I had to come? Was it waiting...?

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