Praise for Abernathy



A new testimonial for Abernathy, my debut novel, being put out through crowdfunded publisher Unbound.

These very kind words came from Rose Drew, a poet, physical anthropologist and founder of Stairwell Books, whom I met at the wonderful York Spoken Word open mic night, which she hosts alongside Alan Gillott:

“The first thing that strikes you, listening to Claire read, is her voice: calm, assured, engaging. It shouldn’t matter if a writer can read well: but it does. How else do people get ‘discovered’? The next thingwithin seconds, actuallythat you realise is that you’re sitting forward. Listening acutely. Captivated by the story, the scenery unfolding, the icy fog of breath in a winter’s landscape, the cold unyielding reality of the girl, dead, in the snow. The shock of encounter. The tale.”

Of course, as always, visit to pledge and pre-order the book.

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