Everyday Sadness



A situation described shortly

Silence returned after the last accords of the explosion faded. No other missile fell and the town sighed in relief. Once again the night was calm and the moon romantic. Ambulances with mute sirens drove to the site of the explosion. From there you could hear frail concrete crumbling under its own weight, dogs howling furiously, and a weeping woman. Around her where the skeletons of recently renovated flats, one of which she used to call home. On her knees, she silently cried in utter despair. Blood, dust, and torn clothes made her look like a shallow imitation of a human. All her feelings drowned in a sea of sadness. The ambulances coming to her aid had to drive carefully through the only road which became a deadly pebble trap for wheels. Medics ran towards the last survivor checking her for external wounds and asking questions that did not reach her. Sleep relieved her pain as the ambulance flew through the empty streets. The last living of the night died at the entrance of the hospital without a single noise. 


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