The Sorceress's Secret. Part One



Lylea had lived all her life in the woods with George and Abigail. When it's time for Abigail to leave Lylea she tells her why they took her from her family and what might happen to her if she's found.

Part one

        I was just two years of age when they discovered my gift and oh what a gift it was. I guess I shouldn’t call it a gift to me it was a curse, I was taken away from my family in order to keep me from the king and sent into the woods to live in an old cottage with an old couple who were my only contact to the outside world.

        When I was twelve the man of the house George died from a fall off the roof. Four years later Abigail fell ill and just before she died she told me everything.

        “Now my dear sweat Lylea I know you’ve always wondered why we kept you so close to use.”

        “Sssshhhh, you just take it easy and you’ll be up in no time” tears were running down my face and I tried to wipe them away but they were coming to fast.

        Abigail put her hand on my cheek “you must listen to me please.” She started coughing so I gave her a sip of water “I’m fine I’m fine don’t fuss” she was waving her hand at me.

        Settling back into her pillows Abigail started the story of a young Sorceress whose parents had to send her away because the king was a horrible old man and he enslaved anyone who had more power than him. Her parents were a Duke and Duchess in the kings’ court and knowing how he king felt about anyone who showed the littlest bit of power they sent her away with a loving couple from their house. They gave them enough money to set up somewhere deep in the forest where the king had to rule and she Lylea would be safe.

        “What do you mean Sorceress, I’m no Sorceress I’m just me plain old me and if I was wouldn’t I’ve seen something by now?”

        “When you were two you showed the first signs of great power, just by pointing at something you wanted and it would come to you. Now I grant you everyone was surprised because magic doesn’t show itself until a child is at least six or nine depending on how strong it runs in the blood lines of your family.”

        “So it must have been really strong in my family if it showed when I was only two.”

        “No my child it wasn’t, as a matter of fact no one in either your fathers of mothers family had any sign of becoming one and when you at the age of two showed more than anyone in the kings country your parents knew they needed to hide you.”

        “I’m still confused why haven’t I seen anything like what you are telling me?”

        “Because we’ve hid them from you” then she smiled like an old school girl with a secret “well what we could. Somethings we either didn’t catch or we didn’t have the heart to stop.”

        “Didn’t have the heart?”

        “When you turned five you had the ability to have animals do what you wanted them to, more so you only really wanted friends and instead of stopping you or making them go away we let you keep them so you wouldn’t be so lonely.”

        Lylea could tell she was getting tired but she needed the rest of the story “what else did you see?”

        Abigail knew this would be the last time she would be able to talk to the girl who she so loved and thought as her own. She didn’t want to ever tell her of any of these things but Lylea deserved to know and she needed to stay safe if the king was to never find out. “When you came home one day with an injured fox and we couldn’t do anything to save it you cried for two hours holding it close to your body. Just when it was about to die somehow you brought it back and it was able to go back to live amongst your friends in the woods.”

        “You mean Frisky? Frisky is the fox I brought back to life?”

        “I don’t know what you did child I just know that you saved him and he hasn’t left your side since then.”

        She did remember something bad happening to her best friend Frisky; she didn’t remember that and it confused her. “Why don’t I remember that?”

        “Because when your parents let us bring you here they secretly talked to another Sorcerer who was also in hiding about you and in order to make sure you didn’t remember things we couldn’t stop he gave us some powders to help wipe your memory.”

        “You mean all those jars and things in the kitchen pantry that I wasn’t allowed to touch was to keep me from remembering?”

        “And other things. The man they talked to wanted to make sure you were kept safe and in order to do that he would come here and give us things to suppress your powers. We always did what he said, and he would always make sure you didn’t remember him.”

        Lylea didn’t know what to feel about everything, the people who had loved her, who took care of her when she got sick or hurt, hadn’t been her parents and they had kept her from her true family this whole time. On top of that the one thing that made her special they had kept hidden by wiping her memory and suppressing it with powders given to them from some man she didn’t even know.

        “Please don’t be mad at us we all did it because we loved you” more coughing and this time a little blood trickled down her chin. All concern about what they did went out the door and Lylea quickly wiped the blood from Abigail’s mouth.

        “Sit back and rest” she gently pushed her back onto her pillows. “We can talk more when you’re feeling better”

        Lylea went to get up but Abigail grabbed her by her wrist. “There is a wrapped parcel hidden just under the floor boards in the pantry in the southern corner under the barrels of grain. You’ll need it when he comes to get you and please do as he says.” This time the coughing was worse and the blood darker.

        “What is it? Who is the man who will come and get me?” Abigail shook her head, closed her eyes and after one last sigh she took her last breath “I love you so my child.” Closing her eyes Abigail died with a heavy heart that she wouldn’t be able to tell her more or see her grow into the fine lady she knew Lylea would become.  

        Lylea sat back down and felt her heart break “please don’t go, don’t leave me” and when she didn’t answer back Lylea broke. There she sat crying, heart broken and so alone. After she cried herself out Lylea went and got the wagon so she could transfer the body to the final resting place.

        Sitting in the chair George had made so many years ago 16 year old Lylea was alone. She had buried Abigail’s body near Georges’ and with the help of her animal friends covered it with stones so they could lay in peace. Frisky laid on her lap as she rocked and wondered what she was going to do now that she had all this new information.

        ‘Who was the man that Abigail was talking about? When was he coming for her and why? What was so important about going with him and what was under the grain barrels in the pantry?’ All this was sitting in the back of her mind and at the front was how tried she was, how heart broken.

        After eating some bread and cheese she went to her room not bothering to look for the parcel and not caring about the man. All Lylea wanted was to be left alone in her grief.


        Galen had known the old lady was dying and along with his apprentice Kieran they rushed to the little cabin in the woods.

        When the Duke and Duchess had come to him with questions about their daughter he had begged them to let him take her right then and there. As it was they had wanted her to live a normal life and refused his request. After many discussions and a few arguments they agreed to let him help with her when the old couple needed it.

        Now the old man dead and the old woman dying she might not even know her true power or who she will truly grow up to be one day. After George had died Galen again asked if he could take Lylea with him to train her properly and again he was denied. When the day was to see her again he had used a little magic on Abigail and thank the Earth he did because she was dying.

        Riding hard Galen had felt the change in the old woman’s health on his way home and changed course in hopes he would arrive before her passing. But as it was she was becoming weaker and he feared they wouldn’t make if before she left this world to join her husband.

        It would take a changing of horses and an overnight sleep at an inn before they reached the cabin. Staying the night at some inn wasn’t what he wanted to do but he needed to take care of Kieran first and that meant sleep-food for the growing boy.

        Kieran was the son of the most powerful family back in his country Sierean and because magic was against their beliefs there his parents sent him to Galen. Kieran was strong in his magic and yet he was still young, needing guidance and a push sometimes he was coming along fine but sometimes he liked to push Galen’s buttons.

        This was one of those times “I don’t see why I have to go or why you think you need to be the one to teach her.”

        They had had this discussion many times “as I’ve told you I can’t let the king find her and now that she is going to be alone she’ll need someone to help her with her training.”

        “But why you, you already have me as your apprentice why do you need another? Won’t that be too much work for you?”

        If Galen could reach the boy he would’ve smacked him “I’ve told you over and over again, here in the country of Nierea we aren’t free and if she is as powerful as I think she is then she needs someone to protect her.”

        “I still don’t understand why it has to be you” Kieran didn’t like the idea of sharing Galen with anyone much less another Sorcerer and a girl in fact wasn’t an idea he liked at all; who might hold more power than him was another.

        “I’ve told you my reasons and I won’t continue to argue with you. I’m the master and you’ll keep in mind I’ve some tricks that I haven’t taught you yet.” Kieran kept quiet to that and Galen smiled because he knew he hadn’t heard the last of this argument.

        When they reached the inn and had their fill of supper Kieran went straight to sleep while Galen looked in on Lylea. Taking out his looking glass Galen concentrated “now show me what I wish to see” waving his hand over the glass surface he opened his eyes to find the cabin.

        Lylea was sound asleep on her bed and Galen knew he was to late Abigail was already gone. He could tell she had been crying and by her side as he knew he would be was her faithful friend Frisky the fox whom Galen sent to her to keep an eye out just in case.

        Touching the glass he sent good waves out to her so she would sleep soundly and wake up feeling a little better then when she went to bed. ‘Such a beautiful child’ he always thought, Lylea had long deep red hair nothing like he had seen in other red heads, her hair was the color of an garnet and when she looked at him her eyes sparkled like a blue sapphires. She was tanned from all the time she spent in the woods and he could tell she was accustom to hard work which would come in handy with her training.

        Putting the looking glass back into his bag Galen laid down and sent a pray out that she would come with them before falling into a deep sleep.       

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