Journals of a Psychopath



Another peek into my novel.

The Haven

Sleeping and Taylor was surprised, yet she remained quiet, it was not long before I roused. Smithson approached and he hauled Taylor, he showed her the Lady Flarice.
      “What is her name?”
“Lady Flarice and she is the one who will receive much humiliation.”
Taylor's eyes widened. Waking and the Lady Flarice meandered to the shower, turned the faucet, I studied her, she rubbed her womanhood, and her orgasm was long. The foam from the shower gel enveloped Lady Flarice’s body. Rinsing it off and her form was bejeweled with droplets of water.
      “I watch her when I can. Connor reclined where you are and he was reprimanded for his sullying of Lady Flarice.”
      “She cannot understand,” Smithson said.
      “I must inform her, the Archangel, the Purifiers and the Voice will decide the method of the Lady Flarice's torture.”
Folding my sleeves back and I showed Taylor the scars she was shocked.
      “My father is one with the Trees and his Archangel and they ordained you will suffer there is no point in fighting against it, you will die, and your sacrifice will purify us,” Smithson said.
      “You are both quite mad,” Taylor replied.

The Wooden Forms and the Darkest-One

Scrunching their needles and the Woodlander Warriors rustled, I was flat in front of the Idols, I was praying.
      “Make sure she is clean,” the Mutterer said in my ear.
Conducting Taylor to the river, I told her to wash, and she bathed, as I ignited the fire, gazing at her silhouette, as she rose from the river, my passion stirred. She shivered with cold and her nipples were rigid, the radiance from the firestorm accentuated the pure white silk robe. The prey moved leisurely, as if it could make some difference to her plight, but it did not, Taylor was petrified.

The New Instructor for Smithson

Jessie was eye-catching and her breasts considerable, Jessie's figure was the envy of most women. Her hair was dyed blonde it was brassy.
      “Good afternoon,” she said.
Jessie considered me intently.
      “When are you going to screw her?” Rheanna whispered.
She anticipated my desire.
      “Do you want me to shag Jessie?” I murmured.

"No, but I think you will."

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