Beast of the Bronx Chapter 12



Rosa and Tracy have girl time while being held captive against their will.




Hours seemed like eternity to Rosa as she and Tracy waited patiently for some kind of contact. Suddenly, there was a knock.

“Dinner time,” said a voice.

The door opened and two guards appeared with trays of food. The smell enticed them, as well as the appearance. For the first time, in a long time, Rosa and Tracy

were eating lobster and steak. Alongside the meat were buttered rolls, seasoned potatoes, fresh vegetables, and pitchers of juice.

“The boss must really like you two,” said one of the guards. “Even we don’t get all of this.”

“What does your boss want with us?” Rosa asked.

“You’ll find out soon enough,” answered the other guard. “Just eat. We’ll be back in an hour.”

They left. Rosa stared at the food with a sad look. Suddenly, Tracy began grabbing her share and ate. Rosa watched Tracy wolf it down. A small smile came upon her face and began taking her share.

“You really are brave, Tracy,” Rosa said and ate a piece of steak.

Tracy stopped chewing. “I’m not, I’m really scared. Yet, deep down, I believe that Mark and Andrew will save us.”

Rosa thought about Andrew for a moment. She blushed and looked down at her food.

“Tracy…is it okay to love someone who doesn’t love you?”

“Andrew loves you. He’s scared to admit it. Give him time and he’ll definitely say it.”

“Has Mark ever said it to you?”

Tracy giggled. “Once, at the dance.”

“How’d you respond?”

“Well, I did blush first. It was the first time a guy ever said that to me and meant it. I said it back to him and then kissed him.”

Rosa blushed. “Wow, you’re so bold. Wait, how many guys have you dated?”

“Only two, before Mark. Of course, they each lasted a short while. What about you? Did you have a boyfriend?”


Tracy smiled. “Then that means Andrew’s your special one. And I know he’ll take good care of you.”

“You think he would want an aggressive girl like me?”

“Andrew needs your strength to move forward. You can stand up for yourself. I’m a little envious of that. The reason my past relationships ended so quickly was because I couldn’t stand up for myself. I was merely eye candy. It was around my Junior year that I started to take charge of my life and be aggressive. But even that

couldn’t protect me from danger. Mark’s the only guy to ever protect me and try his hardest to make me happy.”

Rosa couldn’t believe her ears. For the first time, she truly understood Tracy and wanted to be strong like her.

“Right now, Andrew is fighting to protect you and make you happy,” Tracy said. “Doesn’t that count as his declaration of love to you?”

Rosa smiled. “Yeah, it does.”

Suddenly the door opened and the same guards appeared. They signaled Rosa and Tracy to follow them. They walked through the interior part of the warehouse.

It was a two-story building. The inside of the warehouse was filled with many crates. Most of the workers were either packaging or sorting the crates and there are two overseers watching the workers’ every move. There were many machines producing different products with workers operating them. There was a spare room where they kept junk or other drugs. Trucks came and left the docking bay as the fumes from the gasoline filled the air. On the second floor were three large rooms. On the far right was the cafeteria and bathroom. On the far left was Hidishi’s office and on the lower right was the break room, where the Meta-Morphic Five hung out.

Rosa wasn’t sure what was going on, but kept a straight face. Even Tracy observed her surroundings. They reached an elevator at the front end of the warehouse and rode it to the second floor, where they walked to the left corner of

the open hallway. There, a lonely door stood. One of the guards rapped on the door.

“Enter,” a voice said.

The guard opened the door, leading Rosa and Tracy in. Suddenly, Tracy began to feel lightheaded.

What’s this odd feeling?

“You okay, Tracy?” Rosa asked, letting Tracy lean on her.

“I’m fine…” Tracy answered with a small smile. His aura…so much evil…

“Welcome, guests, to my little hideout,” Hidishi said. “Please, enjoy your stay.”

He turned around. Their eyes widened as they gazed into his ice blue eyes.

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