Journals of a Psychopath



Clarkson and Smithson the brutal and cruel ones.

The Isolation Chamber

      “You acquired a liking for Lady Flarice I sense it in the way you behold her.”
Smithson engaged his knees with the floor, I was intimidating, and Smithson’s viewing-disks focused on the concrete.
      “I taught you all you know and how do you repay me? You are lusting for the Lady Flarice.”
Raising his vista-orbs, he examined me and he was afraid.
      “I am not interested in the Lady Flarice and she is not attracted to me.”
Grasping the sword and I slapped it on my palm he blanched.
      “Something has happened between you.”
      “No nothing is going on.”
       “You have become attached to my son.”
      “This is not so Sir Clarkson.”
Caressing the sword and fondling the sharp blade, I placed it on Smithson's shoulder.
      “I do not want Lady Flarice.”
Commanding him to rise and enter the chamber, I told Lady Flarice to disrobe. She removed her robe with consternation.
      “Go into your chamber lie on the bed and pleasure your woman-part.”
The Lady Flarice slunk into the chamber the pure white silk-lace vulva covering enhanced her creator-zone. As she began, the Voice climaxed.
       “Feel your man-weapon.”
Smithson uplifted the robe and I touched his male-tool with the sword he flinched.
      “Peer at her honeyed-place as you ejaculate, Lady Flarice stare at Smithson's manhood when you orgasm.”
The chamber resounded with sighs and grunts, Smithson's orgasm was loud his man-cream jetted onto her, the Lady Flarice climaxed in spasmodic shudders of passion. I locked them up in separate chambers.

The Pit Stop

I considered the days when Rheanna dashed into the workshop and hold me in her limbs. Elaina performed the same.
Old Jeb flounced over.
      “Jayne is on the forecourt.”
I hurried out.
      “Come into the workshop Jayne.”
Jayne trailed in and Elaina's pregnancy was apparent.
      “Well! Well! Am I in a time warp?”
Jayne smirked and Elaina was irritated she gawked.
      “How is Rhea holding up?” Jayne asked.
Elaina pushed by Jayne to make a point.
      “So this is the infamous Jayne.”
      “How is Smithson doing?” Jayne asked.
      “He looks the same as me you must come and see me at the homestead.”
Jayne beamed.
I loped the steps to Perry's office.
      “What has amused you?” He asked.
      “You know me Perry I need to engage in melodrama and Jayne provides an ideal foil for it.”
Elevating the glass to his lips and Perry chuckled heartily.
      “To past and present successes,” he said.
      “The future is promising.”

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