Journals of a Psychopath



Clarkson and his son Smithson are on the mission to sacrifice silvery blonde haired women.


She was elated when I informed I was coming. Wearisome the bus journey draining and I slept until the passenger vehicle approached the drop-off point. Knocking on Jodi’s door, she released it and I saw the shiner.
      “Who did that to you? Come on tell me.”
I raised Jodi’s chin with my finger.
      “It was Josh I told him someone was ready to help me to get Ellie. He rode to my house and Josh knocked the door, when I opened it he clouted me.”
Jodi's eyes brightened they were lackluster before. We strode to his house we were outside Jodi was troubled regarding her daughter.
      “We will leave I feel a bad vibe about this,” I said.
      “My life is propelled by instinct and I back off when I get a hunch.

The Haven

Smithson sighed and the Lady Flarice had been harrying persistently.
      “We will take her to my house.”
Compelling the car normally, her upper arms were restricted, and a gag was stuffed into her mouth, the Lady Flarice's vista-orbs erratic wandered everywhere except me.
      “We are nearly there.”
Scanning Lady Flarice in the rearview mirror and recollecting the first day I saw her the day the seed had planted in my middle. I schemed and brought to pass everything necessitating the mission.
      “This is my house,” I said.
(I reminisced about Smithson in the shrine when he was young he had scrutinized the Lady Flarice with relish.) Yanking her from the car Smithson was roused. She flinched as we pushed her up the steps into the house.
      “What is the reason for all of this?”
      “When you find out it will be too late.”
      “This is silly,” she replied.
“Never ever say anything I do is senseless everything I enact has purpose.”
The house was faultless and it was clean and fresh. Ordering Lady Flarice to sit down and Smithson was eager. I was lulling her into a false sense of security and it would maximize the awfulness concerning her plight.
      “Do you want a whiskey?” He asked.
      “Yeah, please.”
Acquiring a bowl of chili from the freezer, I warmed it in the microwave, the capsicum plant residue hot and delicious. She ate it and Lady Flarice’s vision-spheres watered, her nose ran. Smithson handed her a Kleenex and she blew into it noisily.
      “This is good.”
Smithson ate with keenness akin to avarice and she drank the hot tea. Smithson gazed at Lady Flarice I was not pleased.
      “Do not stare at the prize Smithson.”
      “I am sorry father I cannot believe she is here with us.”
      “I hope that is the case and I would be very angry if I believed you lusted for the Lady Flarice.”
Disquiet was beginning to rise in my stomach.
      “Father I know she is yours,” Smithson said.
“You must always remember that, I am your father, and the Trees would be very irate if you crossed me.”

Josh's Yard

     “What happens if he sees us?” Jodi asked.
      “He will not.”
We saw Ellie, she was near the window, Jodi ducked, her eyes were moist Ellie was playing with some dolls.
      “Poppa is that you?” Ellie asked when Josh returned.
She was disinterested when he carried the shopping in, Josh’s hair dark-brown, and his body not very strong, but his determination was I could see it in his eyes.
      “Look what I have bought.”
      “I want to see mommy.”
      “I need my gal,” Jodi said.
      “Do not fuss your girl will be with you soon.”
      “Thank you.”
Jodi gaped, as if I was a hero. Josh was in the kitchen, Ellie was in the bedroom. I scrambled into the glass doors, and filched his keys. When I returned, her eyes sparkled with admiration.
      “You are my protagonist.”
      “It is not much trouble and it will be over soon.”
      “I will take your word for it, but it does not stop me from feeling troubled.”
      “I am confident enough for the two of us.”

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